Ivica Todorić: ”I Won’t Stop Fighting For The Truth”

Lauren Simmonds

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Despite the increasing levels of chaos surrounding him, the ex Agrokor boss has not neglected his blog.

We have reported extensively on the concerning situation in Agrokor, and the personal chaos the Todorić family now find themselves in. While the ex Agrokor majority owner is away in London, many topics have begun circulating across both foreign and domestic media platforms.

Sources close to the boss have claimed that he has absolutely no intention of returning to Croatia, and that he will apply for asylum status in the United Kingdom, and given his personal circumstances and the ins and outs of the European Convention on Human Rights, he might even manage to succeed. Threatened with the possibility of a European or an international arrest warrant, more news broke recently that Ivica Todorić had engaged an expert in the field of extradition, one of Britain’s most formidable lawyers who is even closely familiar with the complicated cases of the Russian cartel – no less than Michael O’Kane.

His son, Ante Todorić, is expected to return from the United Kingdom, where he has spent the last month or so, to Croatia in the coming days. Even that, such a simple matter in itself, appears to be shrouded in questions and a notion of mystery.

Despite all this, Ivica Todorić, wherever he actually is in the British capital, has managed to find the time to take to his now infamous blog on the 18th of October, 2017, to voice his views on the more than uncomfortable situation in which he now finds himself. As usual, we bring you the relevant parts of his blog post, translated into English:

I apologise to all the honourable people who, because of the political persecution facing me, have had to experience this shameful torture. And because of all of them, I won’t cease to fight for the truth that will unmask this mounted political campaign and all of its actors. The arrests that were agreed [upon] during Saturday’s meeting of Prime Minister Plenković’s cabinet, attended by (Davor) Božinović, (Martina) Dalić and (Gordan) Jandroković, have become a mockery of the legal state (the rule of law), an expression of political high-handedness and the continuation of political violence in order to conceal their own crimes which came with the unconstitutional [passing of] Lex Agrokor (law).

This is an unprecedented political process, Prime Minister Plenković’s policy brought [in] Lex Agrokor, the use of which saw private property confiscated, that same policy authorised Minister Dalić to designate the creator of Lex [Agrokor], Ante Ramljak, the [position of] extraordinary commissioner and begin the open looting [of Agrokor] through Knighthead Funding and their helpers. That same policy also saw the decision on a special transfer of 5 million kuna to DORH made, solely for the investigation into Agrokor, thus confirming that it initiated a political process. Through Plenković’s policy, the work of Minister (Martina) Dalić and their helpers in Agrokor, terrifying financial, political and societal damage is being done to Croatia, to which they’ll have to respond.


Ivica Todorić’s blog post translated from ivicatodoric.hr


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