Todorić: ”Ramljak’s Factory of Lies Isn’t Ceasing to Work!”

Lauren Simmonds

A new blog post from Agrokor’s former majority owner and ex boss.

Ivica Todorić writes a new blog entry on December the 8th, 2017, as usual, we bring you his latest blog post translated into English in full below:

”As one newspaper published, citing sources close to Agrokor’s extraordinary administration, [Ante] Ramljak filed a property claim against people who allegedly harmed Agrokor. The incredible amount of lies contained in Ramljak’s claim has only one purpose – lies to create a public perception of guilt and to hide the daily criminal activities of the [Agrokor’s] extraordinary administration. Neither me nor anyone else, especially my associates, misappropriated a single euro from Agrokor, nor did I damage my company in any way.

Indeed, in my forty years of entrepreneurship, I created and invested tirelessly into new values. I’ve created the largest private company in this part of Europe, employing 60,000 people, working about twenty hours a day. For this reason, I never had any desire [to create] personal value ​​for me and my family, but to creat value ​​that benefited the whole country. All of these years, I regularly paid my taxes and salaries to my employees, our companies had steady growth.

My personal property, as the owner of the largest company in Croatia and in the region, is well known to everyone. Also, the status of my accounts is known. In my work, I always put Agrokor’s business interests in front of personal ones. I didn’t own a yacht, nor did I own a villa in Medveja, nor did I own a helicopter as they try to falsely claim, these [are part of the] value ​​that belonged to, and belong to Agrokor, and are normal for the company’s obligations of protocol of such a magnitude. The government and its prime minister, and Ramljak and his criminal organisation invent and adjust their truth to turn the public’s focus away from extravagant crimes that are being committed in an unconstitutionally hijacked company.

That’s the truth, and [the truth] is always stronger than lies, and media assaults through the constructions that you pleat won’t pass. I will undo the octopus [web of lies] led by Plenković and Ramljak and justice based on the rights that you will not take away from me and in the end I’ll overcome, and the real culprits will have to come to terms with the lies and crime at the expense of Agrokor and the whole country.”


Ivica Todorić’s blog post translated from


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