Todorić: ”What Would I be Going to Jail For? This is Shameful! I’ve Got Nothing, Nor Have My Kids”

Lauren Simmonds

The former Agrokor boss says his piece for N1.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 15th of April, 2018, in an interview for N1, Ivica Todorić said that he doesn’t believe the state to be against him, just individuals from the state. He said that the controversial Lex Agrokor was signed under pressure, and that the company itself was not in any trouble.

”Until now, I’ve done nothing against my country. Absolutely nothing. What’s logical, and what I’m entitled to do, is to sue, in America or somewhere else, it would be logical to do that. I could have come to this trial with proof of the way in which the Croatian state behaves, because there’s a lot of proof of it,” stated Ivica Todorić, the ex Agrokor boss, in an interview for N1.

Upon being asked why he didn’t make such a move in court, Todorić replied:

“I didn’t want to do my country any damage, to blacken my country. So far, I don’t think that the state has been against me, just people from it, and all the reasons why that is will be seen,” Todorić said.

In reference to his previous statement about the state itself not being against him, but people from it, he made sure to add that he wasn’t just referring to one of his favourite targets, Deputy PM Martina Dalić.

“Since the first day, Prime Minister Plenković has been very active every day, commenting on Agrokor and defending the actions of Dalić and that team, and Mr [Davor] Božinović is obviously together in that group. These are people who’re in very high up positions, and who’re using their state positions to protect what has been taking place within Agrokor today, to take [money] and to persecute people from Agrokor,”

He argued that the now father infamous Lex Agrokor law was signed under pressure and that the company itself was not in any trouble.

“If I hadn’t signed it, two of my partners could have, then a supplier. If I hadn’t signed it, that’s what would have happened. I was under terrible pressure, and if I’d started to create conflicts, I’d have done a great deal of damage to Agrokor, to my partners, to firms, to Croatia,” Todorić stated.

When asked whether or not he feared the prospect of going to jail, Todorić first responded to the controversy surrounding the entire messy situation.

“What would I be afraid of? Why would I be going to prison? What custody? This is shameful. Let them prove what I’ve got. I own 25 percent of the place we live in, not because I donated it to my kids who’ve been working for 25 years from dawn til dusk, are they entitled to have an apartment? They’ve earned it, one part of the area we live in, that’s their property, and they wouldn’t even have had that otherwise, that’s all Agrokor’s.”

Todorić continued insisting that he has nothing to his name personally, stating that he possesses not one single euro, nor do his kids, nor does his spouse, and nor do any of his wider family. None of them.

”It was such a phenomenal firm, everything was clean, all the taxes were paid, and now they’re saying I took everything. Let them prove it.” stated the former Agrokor majority owner for N1.


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