Tomislav Horvatinčić: Media and Social Networks Are Demonising Me

Lauren Simmonds

The Zagreb entrepreneur faces the music once again.

“I’m not guilty, I’ve expressed my condolences and my regret,” Tomislav ”Tomo” Horvatinčić stated at the Municipal Court in Šibenik, where he’s facing trial for the third time for his responsibility for the deaths of the Salpietro couple from Italy, who were killed back in August 2011 following a maritime incident directly involving the top Zagreb entrepreneur.

Judge Ivan Jurišić chaired the trial this time, for which Horvatinčić’s defense sought exemption, but their request was promptly rejected.

As Morski writes on the 3rd of October, 2018, State Attorney Irena Senečić stated at today’s trial that Horvatinčić’s defense was unacceptable, according to a report from ŠibenikIn.

“He didn’t follow/track the traffic before sailing, he violated a number of maritime regulations, and carelessly at that, and the consequence of his behaviour is an absolute tragedy,” she said.

Horvatinčić’s lawyer Branko Baica said there is no evidence of Horvatinčić’s liability and there are reasons which exclude his responsibility in the accident. He stressed that the defense would insist on the testimonies of witnesses, especially key individuals, as well as the opinions of medical experts.

Judge Jurišić announced that he will look into Boris Seljanovski, formerly of Šibenik Harbour, once again, which Horvatinčić’s lawyer Veljko Miljević hailed as ”a wise decision”. The judge will also take another look at the German boater Klaus Fuchs, as well as at Anica Đerđa, who was with Horvatinčić on board the vessel at the time of the incident.

After the trial, Horvatinčić said that he’d sent the Salpietro children a letter, and had paid them compensation.

”But compensation can’t compensate for the death of a parent. I can do everything, but I can’t bring their father and mother back. Believe me when I say that I’m a participant in this accident and for eight years now I’ve been paying for it. I’m demonised by the media, and they’re mocking my illness on social networks. I wish all the best to all of those who’re doing it, and I forgive them,” Horvatinčić stated, adding that if such a situation had happened to them, it would be a different story.

Judge Ivan Jurišić scheduled a new hearing for Horvatinčić’s case on November the 7th, 2018.


Click here for the original article by SibenikIN


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