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Tomislav Horvatincic Moves from Lipovica Jail to Krapinske Toplice

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the decision to move Tomislav Horvatincic from Lipovica prison to the facility at Krapinske Toplice was ...

Disgraced Entrepreneur Tomo Horvatincic to Serve Sentence at Lipovica Prison

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The children of the couple who tragically lost their lives in the aforementioned boating incident have been fighting for years ...

Tomo Horvatincic Finally in Zagreb’s Remetinec Jail

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The Croatian entrepreneur who is responsible for the deaths of an Italian couple due to the reckless driving of a ...

Tomislav Horvatinčić: Media and Social Networks Are Demonising Me

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The Zagreb entrepreneur faces the music once again.

Tomislav Horvatinčić In The Dock Again: ”I Believe In The Croatian Judiciary”

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Will justice ever catch up with the formidable Zagreb entreprener? It remains to be seen.

Italian Media Tackle Tomislav Horvatinčić: ”His Responsibility is Clear, He’s Never Been Punished for Deaths of Two People”

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A reminder from across the Adriatic that the Croatian legal system’s shameful acquittal of rich Zagreb entrepreneur Tomislav ”Tomo” Horvatinčić ...

Morals, Ethics and Public Figures vs Croatian Memes – Meet the Best

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What does one do when one lives in a country full of economic, political and social issues? Not to mention ...

Retrial for Tomo Horvatinčić: Pleads not Guilty to Murder of Italian Boating Couple

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The beginning of the retrial of Croatian businessman Tomo Horvatinčić (70) at the District Court in Šibenik, accused of causing ...