What Are His Results?! Todorić Criticises Plenković’s Mandate

Lauren Simmonds

Todorić starts the year how he undoubtedly means to go on, by attacking Plenković.

I’m not sure how open criticism by someone like Ivica Todorić should be taken, but it seems the former Agrokor boss has a thing or two to say about the man who saw him removed from his company.

Love him or hate him, it can’t be denied that Andrej Plenković has a somewhat ”special” talent for rubbing a lot of people up the completely wrong way.

As ”blogger Ivica” enjoys life in a wealthy area of the British capital, awaiting the creeping month of April to find out whether or not he will face extradition to Croatia, he has a lot of time on his hands to do what he loves most, launch cyber-attacks on members of Croatia’s government and their behaviour via his now infamous blog, the latest of which was written on the 6th of January, 2018:

”As Poslovni Dnevnik reports on December the 28th, 2017 (source: CNN) market capitalisation of the company and the consequent values of their shareholders on world stock exchanges throughout 2017 continued a positive trend of significant growth in value:

The S&P 500 (index of the 500 largest companies listed in New York) grew +20% with the historical circumstance that it grew every month throughout 2017, which hasn’t happened in the last 90 years

The Dow Jones Industrial Average strengthened +25%

The Hong Kong stock exchange index Hang Seng strengthened +35%

The FTSE 250 (index of 250 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange) grew +15%

Globally, the most significant growth was achieved in the Argentine market where the MERVAL index reached a record high of 29,198 points. For the year 2017, as much as 73%. Analysts believe that the rise of the Argentine stock market began after the victory of Mauricio Macri in the presidential election two years ago. The expansion of the then entrepreneurial class, Macri launched a series of economic reforms that further boosted business confidence this year.

What about the Croatian market?

Dnevnik.hr (6.9.2017.) – Prime Minister Plenković’s statement regarding Agrokor:

He said that ”new confidence” towards the company was established by the adoption of a new law (Lex Agrokor) and the setting up of an extraordinary administration which ”enabled the company to obtain new creditors and fresh financing in such difficulties in a very short time.”

President of the Croatian Government, Mr. Plenković, here’s how your confidence looks in practice!

The Croatian Capital Market 2013-2016 also recorded positive trends, which is reflected in CROBEX growth of 11.2%. In the year 2017, there was a turnaround in the growth trend of CROBEX, which, during the year, fell by 7.5% in [in spite of] the circumstances of the world’s record-breaking growth. In this way, CROBEX has lost its pace with positive trends in the world economy, undermined the shareholder’s value, reduced investor confidence and hampered the further development of a distorted capital market in the Republic of Croatia.

The aforementioned points out that real state decisions in the example of Argentina create new values, while the Croatian government led by clerks destroys the value of Croatian citizens, business entities and institutional investors, including domestic pension funds.

The most dramatic of all of that, with the favouring of particular interests, which has further undermined the trust of the investment community in the Croatian economy.”


Ivica Todorić’s blog post translated from ivicatodoric.hr


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