Zoran Čabrilo: ”Government Needs to Take More Care of HGSS”

Lauren Simmonds

”If the head of an emergency service seeks a meeting with the Finance Minister, and after more than one month, still receives no answer, of course, he must be frustrated” said the Head of HGSS Dubrovnik, Zoran Čabrilo.

As Dubrovački Dnevnik reports on the 25th of August, 2017, the head of HGSS (Croatian Mountain Rescue Service), Vinko Prizmić, recently pointed out the difficult situation in which HGSS finds itself because of the lack of financial resources for the organisation, but despite difficulties, HGSS members are struggling with floods, fires, searches and other disadvantages all over the country.

Čabrilo said that he understands Prizmić’s dissatisfaction.

”HGSS is recognised as a positive force and we are very well represented by the media. State-level treatment could be much better and we all have to work on it. And I ask for contacts with leading people in the City of Dubrovnik and the County and so far I have had no problems in that communication” said Čabrilo, clarifying the organisation of this emergency service, which is a voluntary, professional, humanitarian and non-partisan organisation.

”HGSS performs as a state service and tries to settle state-level funding, however, each station is a legal entity regulated by a law on the mountain service which [ultimately] defines that all stations are financed by local self-government units, so there are signed contracts with counties, cities and municipalities where there are defined amounts and dynamics of payments” said Čabrilo, adding that at the state level HGSS headed by Vinko Prizmić, contact with both the Government and the Ministries had been attempted.

On the situation facing Dubrovnik’s HGSS, the head of this unit expressed a positive attitude especially in the context of the recognition of the service at the level of the City of Dubrovnik and the excellent relationship with Mato Franković.

”It is my pleasure to say that every year, cooperation is better, especially, and I can say it without any hesitation, with the current Mayor and City Government. Our cooperation is on a good, upward path, especially when compared to the former Mayor (Andro Vlahušić) and the former local administration,” said Zoran Čabrilo.

While serving as chairman of the City Council, Mayor Mato Franković greatly emphasised the fact that the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service should be more recognised by all local government units. His intent was to ensure a budget that could be enough for all the necessary equipment.

”I hope this will be realised by the end of this year. We have to engage in negotiations with the city services and I believe we will succeed, and that will be a great relief. We will try to make a similar agreement with Dubrovnik-Neretva County because we have to think about our colleagues in Orebić and take care of Pelješac, Lastovo and the Neretva” stated Zoran Čabrilo.


Translated from Dubrovački Dnevnik

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