Retirement in Croatia – the Updated Numbers

Katarina Anđelković

retirement in croatia

November 24, 2024 – There are a total of 1.22 million people in retirement in Croatia, or 1.13 million excluding veterans, army, and police. This includes those to whom the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute pays benefits according to international agreements, i.e. only for the part of their length of service that was completed in Croatia.

This group of retirees breaks the pension average, notes Poslovni, because their pensions are very low. The average pension of all retirees amounts to 449 euros, and without those 185,802 retirees, it rises to 508 euros.

This is best seen looking at the pension averages by classes. In the total population of pensioners, as many as 79,506 pensioners receive an average pension of 34 euros. Payments according to international agreements set aside, then that figure decreases to only 2,206 beneficiaries with a slightly higher average of 49 euros in the category of receiving up to 70 euros of monthly pension. These are mostly former agricultural and trade pensions, writes

The fact that the pensions paid to beneficiaries according to international agreements are very small is also confirmed by the next monetary income class of 70 to 140 euros. A total of 50,401 pensioners have a pension of an average of 104 euros, and without such contracts, there are 8,101 with an average of 119 euros.

There are 56,767 pensioners in the third income class of 140 to 200 euros, or 35,675 if we set aside payments to Croatian pensioners who mostly live outside Croatia and mostly receive their pension from the country where they live.

Average for Retirement in Croatia Between 400 and 540 Euros

83,017 beneficiaries in total (70,825 without international agreements) receive pensions from 200 to 270 euros. 119,533 beneficiaries have an income of 270 to 340 euros (110,299 without international agreements). 127,249 pensioners (121,064 without international agreements) receive pensions of 340 to 400 euros.

Most pensioners are in the next two categories, more than 133,000 of them each, whose pension amounts to between 400 and 470 euros and 470 and 540 euros (about 5,000 less in both categories without international agreements).

As the monetary classes of pensions grow, the number of beneficiaries decreases, and the difference with and without international agreements is increasingly blurred. 83,663 beneficiaries receive between 540 and 600 euros of pension, and 74,607 of them receive between 600 and 670 euros. 90,593 pensioners have a pension of 670 to 800 euros, and 49,575 of them live with an amount of 800 to 930 euros.

There are 22,225 beneficiaries who receive from 930 to 1,070 euros, and 27,621 pensioners receive pensions above 1,070 euros. They are mostly former presidents, members of parliament, ministers, etc., and their pensions go up to 3,000 euros or more, but the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute does not show these classes.

In contrast to these pensions, there are more than 227,000 pensions that do not exceed 308 euros on average, which means that almost every fourth retired Croatian citizen (excluding international agreements) lives on less than 308 euros per month.


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