Hungarian Tourist Kills Innocent Skradin Swan After Jumping From Yacht

Lauren Simmonds

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, on the afternoon of the 8th of August at around 17:00, right in front of the waterfront in beautiful Skradin, a foreign national jumped straight from the top of the yacht and directly down onto a passing swan.

”It was all happening right in front of my eyes. And it wasn’t just me who saw it, there were about 20 other people who found themselves on the waterfront and saw it all happen. I immediately called the police, who arrived very quickly and it was clear that they took this act extremely seriously,” said a witness to this disgusting event in conversation with local portal SibenikIN, who wished to remain anonymous.

According to him, in order to entertain those present on the vessel, the man jumped from a height of six to seven metres from the yacht, straight onto the innocent Skradin swan who was passing by at the time and killed him.

”The man from the yacht, a foreigner, as if it were all just a joke, jumped from the top of the boat straight down onto the swan. The children on the ship were laughing, and his present friend was filming it all on his phone, it was hilarious to them. After that jump, the swan struggled for a few more minutes, couldn’t lift its neck up again and eventually died,” says a reader who is still distraught by the whole horrendous event.

”Another foreigner shouted at him from the waterfront that he was crazy and asked him what on Earth he thought he was doing, and I said the same thing and I still haven’t recovered from the shock of seeing this. I heard people from the yacht say the swan came to his senses and carried on. This morning I received information that the police are in possession of footage in which they are taking the Skradin swan’s away corpse by dinghy. This must not go unpunished and they can’t get away with their lies that the swan was okay and went away, because all of us who were present saw exactly what happened,” said the horrified reader.

Sibenik police spokesman Sime Pavic told SibenikIN that the criminal investigation into the incident had been completed.

”The Sibenik-Knin Police Department received a report at around 18:00 on August the 8th, and when we went out into field, we found out that a Hungarian citizen had jumped from an anchored boat down onto a Skradin swan. Subsequently, a dead swan was found in the evening, and all the measures and actions carried out (interviews, inspections, etc.) didn’t reveal that the unfortunate animal had been jumped on on purpose. In coordination with the competent state attorney’s office, it was determined that there are no elements of a criminal offense, it was an accident, and a special report on the matter will be forwarded to the state attorney’s office,” said Pavic.

The police spokesman also confirmed that it was a swan involved and that is a protected species, but after a criminal investigation, it was determined that there were no elements of a criminal offense.

Otherwise, such an act woud result in a fine of over 9000 kuna.

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