Zdravko Mamic Talks Returning to Croatia, Will Go to Court Under One Condition

Daniela Rogulj

September 24, 2020 – In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Zdravko Mamic talks returning to Croatia, under one condition. 

Zdravko Mamic, considered the most corrupt man in Croatian football who has been convicted of robbing Dinamo Zagreb and is a fugitive from the Croatian judiciary, is back in the spotlight. 

Namely, in a long post on his Facebook profile on Wednesday, Zdravko Mamic hits back at the Croatian judiciary and announces his return to Croatia, under one condition. 

Parts of his Facebook post have been transmitted below.

“Dear citizens of the Republic of Croatia,

Every day we are witnessing the robbery and ruin of Our Lady, created on the blood and struggle of our sons, parents, and brothers. In my life, and I have 42 years of official work experience, I have created hundreds and thousands of jobs and paid hundreds of thousands of salaries as an employer. On time, in a day, above-average salaries that maybe not everyone deserved. All the projects I personally led were successful. In GNK Dinamo alone, almost a billion euro has been earned through my work and the work of my associates in my term of office from 1992 until today.

A billion euro that we, like Robin Hood, brought to Croatia from abroad, on a free, open market, without incentives, rolling up our sleeves and giving bribes to create a business. Just work, blood, sweat, and tears. We brought from the rich to poor Croatia. How many jobs and salaries and payments from the tax base to the city and state budgets, only the smart can understand. That billion euro was spent by employees, players, and others, mostly in Croatia. With a billion euro, a squadron of fighter jets can be bought, which is 1/20 of the entire country’s annual budget earned by one football club. The whole world admires the sports results of GNK Dinamo and Croatia national teams.

If I was marked as the “boss” of Croatian football by the media and politicians who overthrew the Croatian state through Dinamo, Zdravko Mamic, and the Croatian national team, then I guess I am responsible for the great successes of Croatian football. Exiled in a politically mounted trial and despair, and wanting to fight criminals in the judiciary, I told about thirty TV cameras and the court in Sarajevo that I had information that the President of the Supreme Court, Đuro Sessa, was a corrupt judge and that I was ready to share my knowledge with the Croatian authorities (State Attorney’s Office, USKOK), and that I am ready to undergo a polygraph examination.

To this day, no one has contacted me, nor has anyone questioned my claims – be it politicians or the media… Smart enough.”

Mamic then goes on to say that Đuro Sessa “duly performs the function of President of the Supreme Court, President of the Election Commission and regularly leaves the office of the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, cheerful and dressed in Croatian courts, coordinates verdicts and in my case does not allow a public session to be convened 28 months after the invalid verdict on my appeal, although 28 months have passed since the verdict was handed down, even though my lawyer sent 10 requests to convene a session. I have never taken or stolen anything in my life, or even withdrawn money from Dinamo.”

Mamic concluded:

“But let that be proven in a fair trial. I want to return to Croatia and approach all the trials against me, with only one condition, and that is that it not be in court in Osijek. My honor and apologies to all honest and honorable individuals, they know who they are and what they are, but among them sit judges like the world has never seen and who are worse than those they judge. About that another time and in other circumstances. I have never betrayed or stolen, and I know that most people in Croatia and the world love me, and I am extremely grateful for that. Still, I cannot and will no longer remain silent, protect thieves and criminals, and watch them plunder and destroy Croatia. Judges and the judiciary in Croatia require reform of judges’ immunity, the selection process, and better supervision! I am hoping that there is someone who will go with me to fight the cartel we call the judiciary to build a better society in which judges live by their example.”

Mamic finally broke the silence on his Facebook with this post, the first since July 30, 2020. A few weeks ago, he was a guest on Arena Sport TV, which you can watch below. 


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