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Tash Pericic

Sailing Croatia in September has many benefits, read on to see why you may want to consider booking your next charter for September.

Deciding when to book your summer sailing escape for 2018 or tempted to take up some of the end-of-season charter rates? Well, we thought we would put forward a case for sailing Croatia in September.

1. Weather: There is a very high potential you have read recent reports about storms along the Adriatic coast but this doesn’t paint the whole picture, let alone the whole month of September. Weather in September can be varying, systems are changing and there is typically higher humidity, hence the risk of flash-storms and rain. However, these storms and fronts can move on just as quickly as they came. Average temperatures throughout September stay around the mid-twenties; so, it is warm without the stifling heat of August. Just like the beginning of Spring, it also makes for great sailing as there can be stronger, stable winds – the NW breeze consistent on most days.

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Credit: Tash Pericic

2. You’ll Sleep Better: What I have always enjoyed about being on a boat in September is that the days are warm, yet the nights cool down. It is the best of both worlds – enjoy the sunshine during the day but sleep better at night – particularly if your boat doesn’t have air-conditioning. When I worked on a yacht, August always meant struggling to sleep and waking up sweating, so I always looked forward to the cooler nights in September and sleeping comfortably under a blanket again.


Credit: Stringers Afloat

3. Warm Sea: September was always my favourite month for swimming as well, at the end of May/beginning of June, even though temperatures are warming-up, the sea is still rather fresh after a long winter. In August, the water is honestly too warm for me, it feels like diving into tepid bath water and there is nothing refreshing about that on a 35-plus degree day! However, come September, even though the weather may be changeable, the sea remains warm and enjoyable for swimming.

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Credit: Igor Nobilo

4. Fewer Crowds on the Streets: We have written story-after-story this summer about every tourism-based record being smashed and not necessarily in a good way. Summer 2017 has been Croatia’s busiest season yet and it only shows signs that it will continue to grow. Five years ago, September along the coast was a ghost-town, everything began to shut down and the crowds instantly vanished. However, as the years go by, Croatia’s summer season extends; and now, September is easily one of my favourite months. While the crowds peter out, there is still atmosphere, restaurants and bars now remain open until the end of September but it is no longer a cockfight to get a table or even walk the streets.


5. Fewer Crowds on the Seas: Like everything else, this year the Adriatic has seen a dramatic increase in marine traffic. Sailing in August became increasingly difficult to dock or even find peaceful bays to anchor. In September, just like the streets, the traffic on the seas begins to quieten down; so, if you are after a peaceful sailing holiday, September could well be for you.

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Credit: Tash Pericic

6 Unique Events: Just because the summer colours are slowly fading away, it doesn’t mean the atmosphere becomes dull; there are still plenty of unique festivals carrying on right through September. There is the Visualia Festival in Pula from September 21st – 23rd, Dubrovnik’s Music Festival which was launched by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra continues through September, the Latin Sails Regatta in Murter, the Split Summer Colours Festival also continues until September 23rd, all this and much more. Every town in Croatia also has its own Patron Saint so keep an eye out for these because they are always accompanied by wonderful celebrations.

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Credit: Dubrovnik Festival

7. Cheaper to Charter: September is out of peak-season, so you will also see a decrease in charter prices; which, depending on the type of yacht could be anything from a few hundred euro to upwards of €1,000. Many companies also run various discounts on top of their already reduced rates, check out Nava Boats special offers here.

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Credit: Nava Boats

Sailing in September is Sweet

All in all, it is safe to say that sailing in September is sweet (the kiwi in me is tempted to say ‘sweet as’); lesser crowds, lively atmosphere, peaceful bays… all at a reduced rate! Ready to book a last-minute sailing tour for 2017 yet or get a jump start on 2018?

For more information from different charter companies and agents, check out Nava for Catamarans and luxury performance X-Yachts, Croatia Yachting for Hanse Sailing Yachts or Acantho – Croatia Charter Holidays who offer a variety of yachts from small sailing yachts to luxury gulets.

Interested in more news about sailing in Croatia, why not visit Total Croatia Sailing for all of your vitamin sea needs.


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