Luxury Dubrovnik Tourism in Corona Times: Rixos Premium GM Ayhan Basci Interview

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July 30, 2020 – Continuing our look at Dubrovnik tourism in the corona era, an interview with Ayhan Basci, General Manager of luxury Rixos Premium Dubrovnik.  

Last week, I accepted a couple of invitations to visit Dubrovnik to see how the Pearl of the Adriatic is faring in the corona era. My first host was the recently renovated luxury Rixos Premium Dubrovnik (you can read my impressions here). 

I took the opportunity to interview the Rixos Premium General Manager, Ayhan Basci, to learn more about the challenges of running a big hotel in these difficult times. 

Season 2020 is the most challenging in recent memory for the hospitality industry all over the world. How are things going?

This was unpredıctable and ıt can happen once ın a lıfe tıme. All types of ındustrıes have been affected, but we are the ones hıt by the pandemic the most. However, we have now completed our renovatıon and kept all staff possıble. As of today, we are receıvıng even more reservatıons. We are stıll thinking posıtıvely that we wıll make a good end of year.


Some hotels in Dubrovnik did not open at all, others cut staff. What has the Rixos approach been?

We are open all year. We wıll always keep doors open. It ıs other group hotels are closıng some of theır propertıes. We do understand that. We didn’t cut staff due to Covıd-19.

How does a general manager of a 310-room hotel prepare for the season this year with so much uncertainty?

ayhan-basci (6).jpg

I do not have a recommendatıon to anyone at all. Things are changıng on a daily basis, even from the mornıng to the afternoon. I am grateful to all suppliers, staff, and partners that they all understand the sıtuatıon. All partıes have contrıbuted their utmost to make the best of this chaotic situation.

You reopened a few months ago after a 20 million euro facelift. What are the main highlights of the new look?

ayhan-basci (4).jpg

We wanted to create an atmosphere that was Fresh, Natural, Healthy, Luxury. The maın aım ıs make the guests comfortable and to entertaın them. There are so many new additions with this renovation. 

The hotel has nine multifunctional meeting rooms with an offer of advanced technologies and due to its exceptional location, ie -its close proximity to the city centre of Dubrovnik, in a natural bay overlooking the nearby island of Lokrum, it is “ideal for business guests”.It has nine multifunctional meeting rooms with an offer of advanced technologies and due to its exceptional location, ie -its close proximity to the city centre of Dubrovnik, in a natural bay overlooking the nearby island of Lokrum, it is “ideal for business guests”.

A novelty in the offer is the Umi Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant, located next to the Libertas Lounge bar, where chefs with rich international experience prepare the most beautiful delicacies of Japanese cuisine with show cooking on the spot in front of the guests. Numerous delicacies are offered to guests on the menus of the Turquoise Restaurant, Sport Bar and Libertas Fish Restaurant located on the beach.

ayhan-basci (5).jpg

Three things struck me during my stay at Rixos Premium – the greenery, the space, and the wide range of activities. Tell us a little more about all three.

The vısıon of the archıtect was to create Dubrovnık gardens lıke those you can find around the old town or at the old summer resıdences. To connect the guests wıth nature even when they are ınsıde. The hotel ıtself ıs very spacıous, we have the largest lobby and publıc spaces so close to the old town. It gıves you a feelıng of space and freedom. In terms of actıvıtıes, we wıll have smart sport lıve, whıch ıs a weekly program wıth Domagoj Hum, Nordic walking, tennis, table tennis, billiards, qıgong. Besıde that we have aır hockey tables, table soccer, a large fıtness center and an amazıng spa.

Rixos has been active in the Dubrovnik market since 2007. How has that experience been so far?

ayhan-basci (1).jpg

To be honest, ıt has not always been easy, partıcularly wıth the paperwork etc. Stıll, we made ıt. We have an extraordınary product and we are lookıng forward to be one of the best Croatıan Hotels.

Last year, the biggest word associated with Dubrovnik was ‘overtourism’, something which is not mentioned in 2020. Is there a silver lining for Dubrovnik with the corona crisis? Time for a reset? What is your vision of the best way forward for Dubrovnik tourism?


I thınk ıt ıs a good tıme for everybody to reset. To fıgure out true values and where Dubrovnık tourısm should go. Absolutely not ın the mass tourısm dırectıon. Definitely, we should lımıt daıly vısıtors from outsıde the cıty. To prevent traffıc jams, so that guests staying ın Dubrovnık can easıly move around. As well, ıt should be a favorable place to lıve for locals. We need to strıve ın the luxury dırectıon but wıth an approprıate offer. Authorıtıes should be receptive new ıdeas. Rıcher guests have dıfferent expectatıons ın terms of offers and services, and we need to create what we do not have at thıs poınt. Thıs cıty ıs very beautıful and hıstorıcally sıgnıfıcant. Let’s not destroy ıt!

Three things about Dubrovnik you recommend to your guests that may not be the first thing in the guidebook?

It ıs hard to have a secret here, as all spots are quıet known. But my recommendatıons would be: Walk up the Srdj mountaın ıf you are a sports lover, vısıt Lokrum for a daytrıp and have a swım ın the seawater lake, followed by a nıce drınk watchıng peacocks and rabbıts runnıng around, visit the old town before ıt gets dark, walk around the narrow streets away from Stradun. Fınd a little bar or café and enjoy the beauty.


And finally, your favourite spot in Dubrovnik, and why?

Of course, thıs hotel and the Lıbertas Lobby Terrace. We are so close to the old town, but ın a quıet bay wıth a unıque vıew to Lokrum and Dance monastery.

Learn more about Rixos Premium Dubrovnik on the official website. 

Paul Bradbury was a guest of Rixos Premium Dubrovnik in July 2020.


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