10 Things Which Await You in Croatia After Corona Crisis

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March 15, 2020 – There is no doubt that rough times are ahead in the coming weeks, but spare a thought for the longer terms – 10 things which await you in Croatia after Corona.

Being a tourism blogger in these uncertain times is about as useful to man as being a cocktail meister in Jeddah and – like many other people whose worlds have been turned upside down by the coronavirus – I am learning to adapt to new realities. At a time when we would normally be writing lots of articles about upcoming events and reasons to visit Croatia, the focus sadly is more on flight cancellations and postponed festivals. There is no hiding from the fact that the coming weeks will be difficult, but the good news is that this will not go on forever, and while your holiday to Croatia may be delayed, Croatia will still be there when all this is over. So, in an attempt to inject a little cheer into the current gloomy mood, here is a reminder of ten things which await you in Croatia after Corona:

1. Beaches

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With almost 1,800 km of coastline and over 1,000 islands, it is perhaps no surprise that beach holidays are the main attraction in Croatia. With so many to choose from, you can really pick your spot, from busy beaches in crowded resorts to hidden coves off the beaten path. With the inviting Adriatic offering instant refreshment, close your eyes for a moment and imagine what life will be like on holiday when all this is over. Take a tour of some of the beach hot spots of Croatia in the Total Croatia Beach Guide

2. Sunshine

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(Photo by Hvar Tours)

Don’t underestimate the power of the sun. Self-isolation, staying at home rather than that planned holiday. The legendary Adriatic sun will feel all the warmer on the skin when you finally arrive. And there are few sunnier places than Croatia, which includes the sunniest European island of them all, Hvar. And if you are looking for a late-season getaway, do research the temperatures, both sea and air, of Dubrovnik and southern Dalmatia in September and October. 

3. Lifestyle

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Is there a better and more relaxed lifestyle in all Europe? 

4. Food


The late and legendary Anthony Bourdain discovered Croatia’s ‘world-class food, world-class wine, world-class cheese’ in 2011. And after a few weeks living off tinned vegetables in self-isolation, don’t you think you deserve the same? Croatia doesn’t have a national cuisine of sorts, but rather some outstanding and distinctive regional cuisines from places such as Dalmatia, Istria and Slavonia. The menus vary from season to season, as the emphasis is on fresh, local produce. Food as it should be.  And Croatians love to celebrate their food at every occasion. Why not get yourself in the mood by checking out these 25 natural food festivals in Croatia?

5. Wine


Croatia is one of the great undiscovered wine regions of Europe. It is here that the original Zinfandel comes from (from the vineyards of Kastela, near Split), and wine experts are raving about the diversity of Croatia’s 130 indigenous varieties. Most of the winemakers are small producers with their own styles and stories, which only adds to the uniqueness of the tasting experience. 

6. Heritage

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Visitors to Croatia are often surprised by the country’s history and heritage. The country boasts no less than 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and numerous intangible UNESCO heritages (check out the full list here), including a retirement home for a Roman Emperor in Split, Diocletian’s Palace. Its historic stone towns have survived many wars and plagues over the centuries, and they will be there to welcome you once all this is over. 

7. Adventure

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(Photo And Advenure/Mario Romulic)

After a few weeks of restrictions, it is only natural that people will want to let their hair down a little. And what better place than the Great Outdoors of Croatia? Sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, ziplining, white-water rafting, and a whole host of other activities await in one of the most picturesque adventure playgrounds in Europe. 

8. Nature

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(National Park Krka/Romulic & Stojcic)

Crises come and crises go, but there is no substitute for an escape to nature. And Croatia is blessed with more natural beauty than most. Did you know that 10% of the country is given over to its 8 national and 11 nature parks. Want to see what true beauty is here in Croatia after Corona? Take a video tour of all 19, one by one in the Total Croatia Guide to that National and Nature Parks

9. Safety 

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Croatia is easily the safest country I have lived in (out of 10 so far), and the sense of community and relative lack of crime is one of the unbeatable contributing factors to making it such a great place to bring up young children. It also contributes to that famous chilled lifestyle, which is yours to enjoy. Just come when you are ready. 

10. Warm hospitality

But what would all this be without a warm welcome? Croatians are known for their hospitality, and many tourists leave with unforgettable memories of the welcome they received. I suspect that welcome will be all the warmer later this year in Croatia after Corona. 

We all have a difficult period ahead of us, but let’s not lose sight of how life can be when things return to normal. 

Croatia will be waiting for you. 

And it will be a magical experience. 


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