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March 14, 2020 – With the coronavirus disrupting tourism all over the world, perhaps it is time to postpone plans a little and spend some time researching destinations for a visit later in the year. Some virtual tips to discover Zagreb.  

There is no hiding the fact that the world has changed in the last week, and that more change is on the way, as countries respond to the coronavirus threat by locking down. As with many other people, I feel a little lost in the new reality and am struggling to come to terms with the best way to proceed. Suffice to say that being a tourism blogger is perhaps not the most in-demand thing in the world right now. 

And yet…

As the season should be beginning and positive texts about the incredible things to see and do from now until the end of the summer would usually be appearing on portals such as TCN, I don’t think many would disagree that promoting travel to Croatia or anywhere else at the moment, is perhaps not the wisest or most responsible course of action. 

But does that mean we should not talk about tourism promotion at all then? Not at all! In fact, in some strange way, perhaps the current situation will provide a better and more informed tourism experience in the future. With so many people now self-isolating and with perhaps a little more time on their hands as they get frustrated with the isolation, thoughts will inevitably turn to that well-deserved holiday when this whole crisis is over. 

So why not spend the time alone getting to know the destination you plan to visit a little better than perhaps you otherwise might have done? Rather than reading the guidebook on the plane on the way there, why not take a closer look at all the options available to you online, from the comfort of your self-isolation sofa. 

Why not discover Zagreb, for example? Here are ten great virtual resources to discover Zagreb. Check them out, get inspired, and we will see you in the Croatian capital on the other side… 

1. Around Zagreb Video Series


 Zagreb is much more than just a city. Zagreb County offers some outstanding day trips. Learn more in the Zagreb Tourist Board’s video series, Around Zagreb. 

2. Zagreb Shortcuts

Get to know the city through its people, habits and traditions. Zagreb blogger Andrea Pisac produces a very local insight to the city through the tourist board’s Zagreb Shortcuts series. Check it out above.  

3. Zagreb Trivia

 Want to impress your travelling companions on your local knowledge, or surprise your host with how much you know about the city? The tourist board’s Zagreb Trivia video series is a real treasure trove of fabulous stories and useful information. 

4. Love Zagreb

Several years ago, the Zagreb Tourist Board launched a project called Love Zagreb, Stories Created by Locals. Photos, blogs, vlogs and more. Love Zagreb has been a popular addition to building a more rounded picture of the city – check it out for yourself.  

5. 360° Zagreb Panorama


Nothing beats a great photo, of course, or the chance to get 360-degree visuals of the top places of a destination.  360 Zagreb offers some of the very best views, from angles most tourists never get to experience. Check them out here.

6. Zagreb Apps, Apps, Apps

We live in the world of mobile apps, and a popular way to discover Zagreb is via the various phone applications which are on offer. Choose from:

Zagreb Be There – Want an insider to show you around Zagreb? This free iOS and Android app takes you to the coolest places in the city. Sightseeing with character.

VoiceGuide Zagreb – When you come to an area with tourist attractions, the application will start automatically so that you get the information about the sights near you. It will first give you the information about the area you are in and then about some sights that can be seen there.

Greetings from Zagreb – Time travel with old postcards of Zagreb. Check out how it looked then and how it looks now.

Find all the apps to discover Zagreb, and download them here

7. Research one of Europe’s most exciting medical tourism destinations for that procedure later this year

And having researched a little and discovered what a wonderful city Zagreb is, why not combine the tourist experience with some practical stuff which will pay for the holiday AND give you some spending money? Zagreb has an excellent reputation for medical tourism, from dentistry and cosmetic surgery, to pharmacogenetic testing and stem cell therapy, and much more. Check out what is on offer in the official video above and the detailed TCN feature recently on medical tourism in Zagreb.

8. It should be over by Christmas…  

Nobody knows how long the current situation will continue, but let’s hope it will be over by Christmas… One of the great things about Zagreb is that it is a year-round destination, with some pretty cool events happening all year. And if you haven’t discovered Advent in Zagreb yet, come and visit and find out why it has become established as one of the best Christmas markets in the world.  

9. Light at the end of the tunnel 


One of the early casualties of the current crisis was the postponement of the popular Festival of Lights in Zagreb, as authorities commendable decided to delay the event until the situation improved. There is no fixed date at the moment, as it will depend on how things progress, but good to know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. 

10. A rather impressive website to delve a little deeper

Keen to know more to prepare yourself to discover Zagreb? Take a tour of the very comprehensive Zagreb Tourist Board website

Be safe, research online, and see you in Zagreb later in the year!


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