Overrated? Boring? Some Bizarre Complaints About Croatian Destinations

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, for some, Croatian destinations are pure paradise, for others, it’s quite the opposite. The Republic of Croatia, just like any other country, evokes conflicting opinions when it comes to the definition of the quality of a destination. On forums, travel blogs and tourist-oriented portals, there are numerous polemics about Croatia to be read.

While for some, Croatian destinations are undiscovered sensations for a great holiday, with the dramatic coastline lapped by the clear blue Adriatic Sea and numerous islands, offering fair prices, fine food and good local wine – others accuse Croatia of being too hyped up. Let’s look at some of the most common (and often rather odd) complaints about various Croatian destinations.

“Honestly? Croatia disappointed me. Yes, my expectations were high, and we also visited the most popular Croatian destinations during the busiest times, which could have affected my impression. The prices are lower than in, for example, Venice, but they’re also lower in Verona. I didn’t save a significant amount of money compared to what I’d need to spend in most Western European countries,” claims American blogger Jenna, who chose the boiling month of August for her holiday, visiting Plitvice, Split, Dubrovnik, Peljesac and Korcula, writes punkufer.

“Crowded Split”

Tourists like the architecture of Split, but they say that it’s impossible to enjoy it because of the huge crowds (have they ever visited Barcelona or Paris, we wonder…) They also complain about the driving of local buses where drivers apparently don’t adhere to the rules and regulations, as well as ”unfriendly” restaurant owners and staff.

“Unrefined Hvar”

“A beautiful island where the people aren’t really the nicest, and the beaches are full of sea urchins and sharp rocks”, think foreign tourists who for absolutely zero reason expected sandy coves, and we can only assume a dead and empty sea without any marine inhabitants to speak of. Visitors from other parts of Croatia, on the other hand, complain about the high prices of food and drinks, as well as apartments that aren’t worth the money they’re being rented out for. One of the criticisms was directed at the bike paths, which didn’t meet expectations on a good part of the island.

“Overrated Dubrovnik”

One of the tourists who recently visited Dubrovnik believes that it’s a waste of time and money to visit a place where everything worthwhile requires a boat to reach peaceful bays and islands. Dubrovnik is also the target of criticism because of the large crowds in the middle of the summer tourist season, which “reduces travel to waiting in line.” Another bit of proof that it’s very important to choose the ideal time for your trip to Croatian destinations, especially Dubrovnik. We aren’t really sure why anyone would pick the height of the summer season and expect to be able to peacefully and comfortably see all it has to offer.

“Expensive Opatija”

For some it’s fabulous, for others it’s much too expensive as a destination with unattractive concrete beaches – Opatija is not for everyone. Tourists complain about the lack of entertainment facilities and good clubs, and Croatian tourists complain that the sea doesn’t smell as nice as it does further the south in the country.

“Boring Rijeka”

“Industrial cities can be dynamic and full of interesting locations, but Rijeka just isn’t like that at all,” complain tourists who included it in their list of overrated places – and most likely only got to know it very superficially.

“Claustrophobic Makarska”

Although this area has plenty of beautiful beaches and wonderful views to boast of, the minus is the hordes of tourists whose towels you have to jump over on your way to the sea.

“Squeezing between French people who just keep on smoking one cigarette after the other and loud swimmers isn’t an ideal way to relax,” comments blogger Andrea from Australia.

“Zagreb the transit point”

“The best thing about Zagreb is the motorway down to the sea,” wrote journalist Anne Haeming for the German Spiegel Online at one time, stating that Zagreb lacks entertainment. On forums, tourists often say that the city is nothing special because there are too few interesting events and locations.

“Lethargic Vir”

“My wife says that Vir has no soul,” complains a Croatian tourist who was quite disappointed by this gorgeous island. Vir causes disapproval on many forums because of the ”atmosphere, too little shade, as well as unattractive new buildings.”


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