80 Electric Bikes on Krk Island Significantly Improve Tourist Offer

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The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimates that there are currently more than 60 million active cyclists in Europe, and cycling tourism is one of the most promising backbones of active tourism. On the island of Krk, cycling tourism was completed through the KrkBike project, which is extremely important for raising the quality of life on the island, both for foreign tourists and locals, developing the tourist economy, and branding the island of Krk as an eco-destination. On the island of Krk, there are over 300 kilometers of manicured bike trails, reports HRTurizam.

Two years ago, the Krk Tourist Board, in cooperation with all tourist boards on the island, developed mobile applications KRKhike and KRKbike, which allows you to search for hiking and mountaineering trails as well as GPS navigation routes. A training program for bicycle guides was also recently held on the island of Krk.

But cycling is much more than bike paths, and in the past 5 and more years, there is a strong demand for electric bicycles, public bicycle systems, and scooters, as well as stations for charging electric cars through sustainable tourism.

Thus, in Krk town and all Krk municipalities, bicycle rental stations have been built, consisting of a control cabinet, 10 stands with electric bicycles and a bench for charging laptops and mobile phones, and repairing bicycles.

The e-bike rental systems of all local government units are networked so that the e-bike can be rented at one location and returned to another location. The advantage of such a concept is the connection of the entire area of ​​the island and the networking of municipalities and Krk into one whole, just as it was done with the project of electromobility through electric cars.

Currently, about 80 electric bicycles are available on the island of Krk. The public rental system of electric bicycles on Krk Island will be active from April 1, 2021, if epidemiological conditions allow it.

“Cycling tourism on the island of Krk, along with summer vacation tourism, is becoming our main tourist product. Destinations that offer opportunities for active holidays attract guests throughout the year, and guests get to know both natural and cultural sights in the destinations, which promotes sustainability,” said Ivana Kovačić, director of the Krk Tourist Board.

The KRK BIKE system has been established at nine locations-stations on the island of Krk: Baška, Dobrinj (Klimno), Krk, Malinska-Dubašnica, Omišalj (center), Omišalj (Njivice), Punat, Punat (Stara Baška), and Vrbnik, covering most of the island.


“In the town of Krk, we have one station consisting of 10 electric bicycles, benches with sockets for charging mobile phones, laptops, and electric bicycles that are out of the system, i.e., electric bicycles for casual passers-by. There is also a stand with a bike repair tool and an electric compressor to inflate the tires. A 17-screen control panel where advertisements and announcements of tourist events can be displayed,” Kovačić points out, adding that currently, all tourist boards are involved in the stronger promotion of these contents, as well as informing all stakeholders about the possibilities of use.

“Due to the uncertain start of the tourist season, conditioned by the coronavirus pandemic and the further sequence of events, this year we are working more intensively to make the system even better,” says Kovačić.

The system was installed in 2020 under the jurisdiction of the company Ponikve eko otok Krk d.o.o. and is easy to use. It only takes three steps to activate the service (registration, payment, and QR code scanning). It is important to point out that there is support for the system through the dispatch center, provided 24/7. A person on duty to help on the road, daily inspection and tour of all stations, returning bicycles to the stands, and possible repairs.

Despite last year’s worse tourist season, there were about 3,000 rentals on the island of Krk from May to October. The rental price is 20 kn / hour, and the electric bike can be rented from 0 to 24 hours.

Find out more information about electric bicycles on Krk island HERE.

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