Rab Town Celebrates 130 Years of Organized Tourism

Daniela Rogulj

September 28, 2019 – One-hundred-thirty awards were distributed to mark 130 years of organized tourism in Rab town. 

Novi List writes that Rab Town Tourist Board director Ivana Matusan opened the 130th anniversary of organized tourism in the town at Kino Rab. Matusan outlined the vibrant and exciting history of tourism development on the island from 23 April 1889, when Austrian professors Leopold Schröter and Froschauf submitted a written proposal to the Rab mayor to intensively develop its tourism.

Nikola Grguric, the mayor of Rab, as well as the president of the Rab Town Tourist Board, said that tourism is without a doubt the most important activity for the economy of the island and that its developed form today is the result of coordinated and systematic action of both the economic entities in Rab and the invested knowledge and talents of tourism staff at all levels.

In addition to the continued work of the city government to strengthen the quality of the tourist offer, either by renovating Donja Ulica (Lower Street), or by events such as Fjera, Kantuni, Rab Film and Jazz Festival, Grguric praised the encouraging criticism of the citizens about what can improve and what needs to be changed. The landscaping project of the beaches, Imperial Riviera and Valamar, will soon begin to reposition Rab tourism, and the considerable strength lies in the small renters and their 15,000 beds in private accommodation, which adapt year after year to the requirements of modern tourists.

Prefect of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Zlatko Komadina and director of the Kvarner Tourist Board Irena Persic Zivadinov also addressed the citizens of Rab.

“Kvarner tourism accounts for 18% of Croatian tourism, and Rab tourism as much as 12% for tourism in our County, and that speaks for itself about the importance of what Rab tourist workers do, and how they contribute to the overall picture of Croatian tourism, and we thank you with all of our hearts,” said Zivadinov.

Assistant Minister of Tourism Robert Pende, in his capacity as envoy to Tourism Minister Gary Cappelli, said that it was evident that Rab recognized its qualities and that it had made significant progress in acknowledging and positioning itself in the tourism market in recent years.

The youngest members of the Rab Tanac Folklore Dance group took the stage of Kino Rab, which was followed by awards to individuals, institutions, companies, associations, caterers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, travel agencies, media, foreign tour operators and renters, in other words, all those who enrich and empower Rab tourism. The Commission for awarding the 130th anniversary of organized tourism in Rab had a difficult job and decided to distribute 130 awards for 130 years of tourism.

“On behalf of all the laureates, I extend words of gratitude, with the call for even closer cooperation of everyone to further improve the quality of Rab tourism,” said Nedjeljko Mikelic.

The program ended with the performance of young pianist Petra Macolic. This was followed by a photograph of all the winners and a reception at the Valamar Collection Imperial Hotel.

In the evening, Kanata was held, which is a traditional festivity and culinary competition for making brudet in copper pots.

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