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Šolta is a true treasure in all senses of the word; don’t follow the crowds, choose the ‘road less travelled’ and discover the world of adventure this island is hiding.

Šolta, the second I think of this gorgeous island, my mind and soul instantly feel relaxed. After years sailing the Adriatic as a hostess, I have seen the majority of the destinations from Split to Dubrovnik and even up to Kornati, yet Šolta holds a special place in my heart.

Most sailing routes go from Split to Dubrovnik (or vice versa) and when people visit Croatia for a week or less, they have been bombarded with images and stories of Split, Hvar, the Blue Cave (Vis), Brač, Korčula, Dubrovnik and most likely Krka National Park or Plitvice Lakes. Which is fine because these are definitely well-known attractions and all have their own unique history, culture and story to tell.

However, in recent years, I have personally fallen in love with a lesser-known island that is not always on everyone’s itinerary, which is possibly part if its charm… island Šolta.

Šolta is the closest island to Split – 9 nautical miles and at a mere 19 km and approximately 4.5 km wide, it is easy to see how this gem could be overlooked. However, what Šolta lacks in size, she makes up for in a rich history and complete offering, from gastronomy and relaxation to adventure – you can get an in-depth look at Šolta here, thanks to our ’25 Things to Know Series’.

But today we are going to focus on the adventure aspect of Šolta.

The world of adventure tourism is on the rise and the setting of Dalmatia offers everything the adventurous spirit could wish for, with the stunning Adriatic, shifting landscapes, rivers and an abundance of nature and history, it is a natural playground just waiting to be discovered.

With its close proximity to Split and central location to the rest of the Dalmatian islands, Šolta should absolutely be on your itinerary – or after reading this, perhaps the ONLY destination on your itinerary.

What can you do on Šolta?

Besides relaxing on any one of the gorgeous beaches or enjoying a tasting of local honey, olive oil or vino… there are a lot more activities you can participate in to make the most of your holiday in Croatia.

Scuba Diving

Šolta is very known among locals to be one of the best diving locations in the Adriatic. There are many reasons that make Šolta a great diving location, the first is perhaps the most obvious upon arrival – the crystalline waters with rich shades that move from azure-blue to the famous turquoise often used to describe the Adriatic all the way through to deep-emeralds… the colours are matched only by the clarity, with visibility beyond 50 m depths.

The coast surrounding Šolta has plenty to offer divers; from caves, fields of gorgonians and reefs to historical monuments, such as the remains of a Roman wall (underwater of course) and shipwrecks.  The beauty about these hidden treasures is that they are easily accessible, typically shipwrecks are at greater depths and only available to advanced divers, whereas one of the underwater wrecks here is only 18 metres down (60 feet), so it is suitable for beginner as well as experienced divers.

Most of the diving locations are also close to shore, meaning you won’t lose a whole day in transit, but rather make the most of your time below and on the water.

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Copyright Romulić and Stojčić

SUP (Stand Up Paddling)

I am not sure whether we can call this action, but SUP boards are definitely beginning to take over the coast and they are a great way to spend a day on the water, exploring locations you wouldn’t get to otherwise. It is an activity that suits any group – couples, families or friends, plus a minimum skill-level is required, so everyone can feel good about gliding over the water.

IMG_3686 (600 x 400).jpg

Directly in front of Maslinica there are a collection of 7 islets – Balkun, Rudula, Grmej, Stipanska, Saskinja, Polebrnjak and Kamicic. On the island Stipanska there are remains from an early Christian Church dating back to the 5th Century – another testament to the rich culture and heritage of this beautiful island. Sunsets over these islets are absolutely mesmerising, so a late afternoon SUP tour could be the perfect way to finish your day.

DJI_0418 (600 x 400).jpg

Seriously though, this water??

Cycling and Hiking

As I said earlier, don’t let the size of this island fool you, even though Šolta is only 19 km long there are cycling and hiking paths of over 160 km all around the island. You can read a detailed example of an eastern route and western route.

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Not sure of your fitness level? Well, thankfully there are also E-Bike tours which go around the island and take in some of the key highlights like visiting an organic family-run farm and getting to sample the domestic products and specialties, to getting a tour of a bee farm where you will get the chance to taste honey straight from the source, as well as learning about the important role bees play in the world.

Whether you do a tour, or do it yourself, Šolta is perfect for everyone, allowing you to push your limits in the diverse landscapes, or take it easy, visiting local konobas or stopping at pristine beaches along the way. Regardless, you will get a unique perspective of the island and truly begin to feel the essence of Šolta.

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Quad Safari

Now to take it up a notch, how about experiencing all that Šolta has to offer behind the handlebars of a Quad bike? This is bound to make your Instagram feed livelier than the typical – sun, sea and cocktail pics that everyone posts. This will get your adrenaline-fix, while allowing you to see more of the island, particularly the hidden bays on the south side, with minimal physical exertion.


Credit, GS Explorer

Are You Convinced Yet?

Still not convinced? Well, time for less words and more images to show you the true and diverse beauty of Šolta…

Stomorska 3 (600 x 400).jpg

Stomorska, a small coastal town with a rich maritime history

Grohote (600 x 399).jpg

The beautiful cobbled streets of Grohote – the largest settlement on the island.

Choose the Road Less Travelled

I always believe that when you are exploring a new country or destination, you should try to find the ‘road less travelled’ and even though Šolta has a prime location, it is often overlooked as people set their sights on the better-known islands. Don’t make the same mistake. While there are famed highlights in Central Dalmatia, there are still small jewels like Šolta just begging to be explored. So, do yourself a favour and find the road – or island – less travelled, your experience will be that much richer for it.

maslinica sunset (600 x 399).jpg

Sunset over Maslinica Bay

For more information on Šolta, visit their official page here.


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