Split Accommodation Prices Overrated During Ultra? Think Again.

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While the prices in Split can be jacked up by up to 200%, that’s nothing compared to Milan during the Champions League finals weekend or any large international fair.

During Ultra Europe Festival week, accommodation prices in Split go up, we’ve all grown accustomed to that fact. But this is not a question of Dalmatians being lazy and wanting to quickly earn some extra cash so they don’t have to do anything for the rest of the year, it’s standard practice all over the world in cities with events of such scale. On May 19, 2016, we take a look at some examples of hotels and B&Bs in Milan where prices go up so high, it’s virtually impossible to find decent accommodation within a 50 km radius of the event without breaking the bank.

A colleague of mine asked me to find a hotel in Milan for the Champions League finals game on Saturday, May 28. Since they say I’m pretty savvy when it comes to finding great accommodation at acceptable prices, I was not surprised by the request. I was, however, completely unprepared for this request to turn into a 4-hour frantic search since even accommodation that can only be classified as a garage that someone just threw a bed in was going for 150€ per night.

Take for example a very decent 3-star hotel in Milan (which is an expensive city to begin with). Nothing spectacular, just a hotel located in the semi-central area, clean, good rooms with breakfast included since kids are involved in this particular case and we cannot leave them without the most important meal of the day. First, we go to Ariston which is actually quite a nice hotel. If you want to stay this weekend, say Friday May 20 until Sunday May 22, you’ll pay 2033 kn but if you want to stay next weekend during the Champions league hoopla (or Fashion week or any large international expo taking place in this city), the exact same room will set you back 8507 kn. An increase of 400%. Nice work!

photo by www.paprhd.com

Moving on to a slightly less fancy hotel, hotel Milano, two stars still within the central area. This weekend you’d pay 3400 kn for a double room while next week you’d be expected to dish out 9600 kn. Go for a simple bed and breakfast you snob, I hear you say. Ok, here we go.

BB Monteverdi, student dorm type room, shared bathroom, you know the drill. Two people would expect to pay 993 kn for two nights this weekend and just one week later, the very same accommodation will set you back 4084 kn. Lovely!

What am I trying to say? It’s a simple question of supply and demand. Accommodation prices in Split during Ultra are now not jumping up insanely as they did the first year but they are marked up which is quite normal and you are expected to pay a bit extra during such a huge event. It’s not a question of greed or Dalmatian laziness. Everyone else is doing it to an even greater extent than Split accommodation providers so there is no need to nag, all you have to do is book well in advance if you know you’ll be attending the event and you’ll be safe. See you all in Split this July for yet another edition of the Ultra Europe Music festival.

 Photo by Ultra Europe



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