The ‘Little Venice’ of Europe’s Sunniest Island Gets More Authentic: Vrboska on Hvar Today

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A rather unusual look to parts of Europe’s sunniest island on June 16, 2016, as the town of Vrboksa – often called Little Venice – suddenly lived up to its name. But don’t panic – normal sun service is about to be resumed… 

It really has been the most extraordinary day.

The Jugo wind has been blowing for three days, which the locals tell me is significant. The Jugo is the southern wind, and people go a bit mad when it blows. The bura is the fierce northern wind which sends people rapidly indoors. Me? I honestly don’t feel the difference. But then I have only been here thirteen years.

The thing about the Jugo though, is that it really does send people a little crazy, so much so that during the time of the free Dubrovnik Republic a few hundred years ago, the authorities were not allowed to pass laws when the Jugo was blowing, just in case the ill-fated wind affected their otherwise rational thinking.  

Could we blame the Jugo for today’s events in Zagreb, when 125 out of 151 MPs voted to dismiss the Prime Minister and therefore the government?

Probably not, but it has been that kind of day.

It was a little windy in Jelsa, I grant you, and a few drops of rain meant I took the washing in from the terrace, but other than that, nothing untoward in Total Blogging Land.

Meanwhile in Vrboska, just three kilometres away…

(With thanks to Suzana Matkovic)

And the funny thing is that Vrboska has a nickname, Little Venice, after the (very) little canal in the town. It lived up to the name today.

And if you went a little further into Stari Grad (thanks to Faros News for the video) 

I missed it all. Not that it was particularly sunny in Jelsa today, although the sun did shine for a time.  

And the thing I have learned living on the sunniest island in Europe is that weather is a constant topic, and it is ALWAYS spectacular. Take, for example, the time when the Adriatic chocolate brown (and no it was not today – this is a couple of years ago). Read the article and explanation here.  

And now that you have had the shock, relax, this is a temporary aberration. I enlisted the help of photographers Romulic and Stojcic below, to remind you of how Vrboska will look when you visit this summer. Divine.








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