The Magic of Meneghello’s and Palmižana through Photos

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See the magic of Meneghello’s and Palmižana through the talented eye of Ivo Pervan…

We have written about Meneghello on Palmižana numerous times and deservedly so. The Meneghello’s tourism story began over a century ago in 1906 with Eugen Meneghello and has been continued with love and dedication by his family and in particular, the wife of his grandson – Dagmar Meneghello.

When walking through the lush garden, it is hard to imagine that over a hundred years ago when the story began, there was barely anything there – no people, electricity, little vegetation… But once you learn that the heart and soul of Palmižana, springs forth from a charismatic, art-loving woman who followed her heart many moons ago, it begins to make sense. Dagmar brought her love of art and ‘joie de vivre’ to a tiny piece of the Adriatic and has transformed it into the botanical paradise we know today; and this passion is being followed and continued by her children Romina, Đenko and Tarin

While you may be more familiar with Palmižana for its renowned restaurants, two of which – Meneghello Restaurant and Toto’s – are owned and run by the Meneghello family, or its crystal-clear waters and rugged beaches, the magic of this place really lies in the ‘space’ in between.


Every time I wander the property, I feel a sense of weightlessness take hold. Literally and metaphorically, I feel lighter. Whatever you do, please do not rush from A to B, for fear you will scare away the muses, disturb the silence or miss the beauty altogether. A beach bar with a cocktail may have your name on it, but I promise it will still be there and all the more sweeter if you allow yourself to get lost for a moment in time and just be.

However, sometimes words are not enough; I came across these incredible photos taken by the wonderfully talented Ivo Pervan from his recent visit to Palmižana and Meneghellos. Though I have been there more than a dozen times, these photos captured the magic for me all over again and I found myself transported… hopefully, it will do the same for you.


There are many mythical creatures and muses just waiting to be discovered



A kaleidoscope of colour, where nature and art collide.



Soak in these views…


Blink and you’ll miss something…


Every pathway, a story unto itself


Beauty in simplicity


Even the ordinary become art in motion in this setting


If you decide you don’t want to leave, you can stay in one of these gorgeous, boutique bungalows.


Learn more about Palmižana here.

All photos credited to Ivo Pervan and copyright to Meneghello Family.

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