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‘Summer is coming’ has never been a more appropriate choice of words. Continuing our series Things to Do in Croatia, we turn to a massively popular niche: Game of Thrones

Knowing a good part of the show was filmed at several locations on the Croatian coast, thousands of visitors have been flocking to Dalmatia in recent years, eager to explore King’s Landing or the City of Meereen in real life. While you won’t have any trouble finding an agency offering GoT-themed tours these days, we bring you a selection of four leading teams whose experienced guides will take you on an unforgettable journey through Westeros, along with one suggestion on how to make the trip on your own.

One last warning before we start: keep in mind that all featured tours involve a good deal of walking and stair climbing in the summer heat, so don’t forget to bring along a bottle of water and wear sunscreen. Better safe than sorry!

1. Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tour

Have a couple of stats to see why this particular crew has the honour of topping our GoT list: they rank no.1 among all Croatian GoT tours on TripAdvisor, and have seen more than 10.000 satisfied guests in the five years they’ve been doing the tour. The expert guides have all participated in the filming in some way, either as extras or as production staff, so they have many an inside story to share. They seem like a spirited bunch with a good sense of humour – see for yourself.


Here’s the itinerary, starting from the meeting point in front of Pile Gate in Dubrovnik:

Red Keep
Climb the stairs of Fort Lovrjenac for magnificent views of the Old City and experience multiple scenes filmed there – Joffrey’s Nameday Tournament, Tyrion slapping Joffrey, Sansa saved by the Hound, ‘Power is Power’ dialogue, the Purple Wedding.

Docks of King’s Landing
Just seconds away from Pile Gate, in a hidden corner of the City, find the beach where Myrcella embarked on a journey to Dorne and where Sir Robert Baratheon’s bastard kid was killed, and visit the spot where Sansa wondered whether to elope with Littlefinger.

Gates of King’s Landing
Enter the City through the same gates Jaime did when he came back home, and stroll down the street where the rebellion against Joffrey took place.

Littlefinger’s Brothel
Passing through the narrow streets of the Old City, arrive to the Brothel and see what Oberyn, Tyrion and High Septon were doing there. Enjoy the views of the House of Undying as we keep ourselves at the safe distance…

Sept Baelor
There is only one word that can be said here, and the word is: “SHAME”!

Game_of_Thrones_-_Dubrovnik_Rector's_Palace (1).jpg

Spice King of Qarth Palace
Time to leave Westeros and cross the Narrow Sea: just a few steps to enter Rector’s Palace and we are in Qarth alongside Daenerys pleading for a fleet of ships.

Walk of Shame
Follow the footsteps of Cersei as the Walk continues and see her enter another Red Keep in the City, far away from the first one…

Views of Qarth
Arrive to the terrace in front of the powerful Revelin Fortress and enjoy the views of Lokrum Island, Duel Arena, and learn more about Qarth, Oberyn, the Mountain, and the Dothraki desert…


Those who are eager to spend some more time in the GoT realm have a cool option at their disposal: The Ultimate Tour for the Ultimate Fans, a combination of the walking tour described above and a visit to several filming locations outside the city of Dubrovnik. This one is a bit more challenging – prepare for a 3km walk and some 300 steps along the way.

After you’re done with Dubrovnik, you’ll be picked up by a minivan and head on to…

King’s Road and King’s Landing panorama
Photo stop at the slopes of Srđ mountain where Tyrion was waiting for Oberyn and where Jaime says goodbye to Brienne.


Gardens of King’s Landing
Visit Trsteno Arboretum where Oberyn was writing letters to his daughters, walk the same path as Cersei and Oberyn did, sit at the fountain where Sir Loras and Sansa discussed their upcoming marriage and where Brienne told Margaery about the Shadow killing Renly. Take a necklace from Sir Dantos in the hidden corner of the gardens and enjoy beautiful views from the pavilion where Olenna had her meetings.

More details on both tours are available here, along with location photos


2. Dubrovnik: DU the Tour!

Dubrovnik Private Tours, also known under the encouraging motto DU the tour!, has three charming ladies at the helm: Ivana, Marina, and Ana. All three have years of experience with guided tours, both group and private, and their Game of Thrones Walking Tour will enable you to see the most distinguished GoT locations in Dubrovnik in under two hours.

This is your perfect opportunity to visit locations in Dubrovnik that you’d certainly miss out on if you were strolling around by yourself. You will unveil a different face of Dubrovnik by visiting the most memorable scenes from HBO’s greatest TV show ever! Let us take you down the Walk of Shame, see where Joffrey died and find out what was going on behind the scenes.


Explore what Game of Thrones looks like in real life and also learn about similarities between Dubrovnik’s real history and the TV series. All of our tours are accompanied by an expert tour guide who has a booklet with screenshots from the series, with the purpose of reminding you exactly what happened and where.

You’ll discover why HBO chose Dubrovnik for the capital of Seven Kingdoms and learn about the filming process – find out how crowds were handled, how the company selected the extras, and other juicy stories from the set. Locations you’ll visit include the Red Keep (Lovrjenac Fort), the City of Qarth (Lokrum) and the sites which hosted the Purple Wedding (Gradac Park), the Riot in the Streets (Pile Gate), and the Walk of Shame (the Jesuit staircase in the Old Town).

The tour takes place three times a day, at 12:30, 16:00 and 18:00. There’s no need to book your spot in advance – you just have to show up at the meeting point 5 minutes before departure. Learn more about the tour and the prices here.


3. Game of Thrones Split Tour

We’re heading a bit north to Split, another major GoT hotspot on the Adriatic coast. The ancient basement of Diocletian’s Palace hosted Daenerys’s throne room and the dungeon where she kept her dragons locked up for a while. The streets of Split have also hosted the Slave Rebellion, along with a couple of other memorable scenes you’ve seen in the series. You’ll also visit Klis Fortress, a majestic historical site which played the City of Meereen, and end the tour with a visit to the water mill which hosted Missandei’s bathing scene.

At the Game of Thrones Tour in Split, you are guaranteed a truly authentic experience. They have a great staff of tour guides, all completely obsessed with both the television series and the books – you may even get stumped by a few of their questions during the tour, when they test your knowledge on all things GoT.

This is the tour for casual watchers, hardcore GoT nerds and everyone in between. Since you’ll visit several notable Croatian landmarks, your knowledgeable guides will also give you background on the local history of Split, providing you with two tours rolled into one.

As their reputation precedes them, they’re sure to have a full plate in the coming months, so you’re advised to book your desired date at least two weeks in advance. Click here to see more details about the tour, and check out why their satisfied guests made them the highest ranked GoT tour in Split on TripAdvisor.


4. Game of Thrones 5 Days Experience

If you know in advance a simple half-day walking tour won’t satisfy your GoT cravings, you can go all out with a 5-day round trip of all major GoT filming locations on the Croatian coast, prepared by Vetus Itinera Travel Agency. The tour doubles as a remarkable opportunity to see plenty of renowned tourist destinations on the Adriatic in less than a week – here’s a rundown of the itinerary:


Day One: Welcome to King’s Landing

Welcome to the legendary City of Dubrovnik. A republic of its own and a beacon of diplomacy for most of its history, Dubrovnik’s independent spirit nowadays remains as strong as ever. You already know this city, for this is King’s Landing, host to the revelries of Robert Baratheon, the excess lifestyle of Prince Joffrey, and the cunning wit of Tyrion Lannister. Walk onto the Red Keep, here known as Lovrjenac Fortress. Follow the trails of Arya Stark and see where Daenerys, the Queen of Dragons, gave freedom to her fire-breathing flying creatures.

Day Two: The Path to Meereen


Following Daenerys on her path to Meereen, where she seeks revenge upon the vicious slave-owners for crucifying hundreds of slave-children, you will walk through Arboretum Trsteno – the palace gardens of King’s Landing, where gossip and intrigue foreshadowed battles. This luscious combination of greenery and superb architecture of yesteryear tells tales of royalty in the oldest arboretum in this part of Europe.

On to the Walls of Ston, a 3.5 miles-long defensive construction dating back to the 14th century that was also part of King’s Landing. Ston is a Dalmatian town you will fall in love with, and as playwright George Bernard Show once said, ‘there is no love sincerer than the love of food’ – an appropriate quote, as Ston is known as the home of one of the rarest, most delicious oyster species.


Day Three: Daenerys Finds Comfort on the Islands and the Sea

On her conquest of Slaver’s Bay, as shocked and angered as Daenerys was upon witnessing the evil doing of the Meereen slave owners, she couldn’t help but pause and take comfort in the magnificent seaside view that was laid in front of her. Meet the sunniest place in Europe, the lovely island of Hvar, a favorite destination to those who know how to travel well, and a perfect backdrop to the Game of Thrones. A peaceful retreat, or perhaps Slaver’s Bay? The island’s capital is an ancient town of the same name, rich with history and a thriving art scene.


Hell’s Islands, or ‘Paklenjaci’ is a group of small picturesque islands just outside of Hvar, and a destination easily reachable by speed boat. Many have found peace and seclusion on Hell’s Islands, as they are home to charming taverns and small family hotels. Time moves slowly here.

Moving on with your nautical journey, you will arrive on the island of Vis – raw, isolated from the mainland, charismatic and beautiful. Your tour of Vis wouldn’t be complete without visiting a tiny nearby island called Biševo. With an official population of fifteen souls, the limestone Island of Biševo is home to the Blue Cave, one of the most magical places in the Mediterranean. Located in the Balun Bay, the Blue Cave was initially described and painted by Baron Eugen von Ransonet, and used to be accessible only by diving until the 18th century. Illuminated by both the sun and the moon, the inside of the cave glows with an incredible aquamarine light.

Day Four: The New Throne

Another treat! We welcome you to the New Throne, so to speak – the City of Šibenik, whose fortified walls and ancient architecture were seen in the fifth season of the Game of Thrones. Šibenik is known as The King’s City, for it was the court of Croatian King Krešimir IV in the 11th century; a perpetual stronghold for many following rulers, Šibenik is protected by four fortresses on each of its side: the Fortress of St. Nicholas, St. Michael, St. John and the Šubićevac Fortress (Barone).


Move away from the city and return to nature, as we welcome you to Krka National Park, the backdrop to numerous scenes in the show’s fourth season. It is a breathtaking place, and its cascading waterfalls will leave you mesmerized and refreshed, as you swoon into the greens of its flora and the blues of its crystal clear water.

Now, you’re ready to visit agro tourism Kalpić, in the village Konjevrate, another natural backdrop to the fourth season of the show. These stone houses speak tales of Dalmatian ancestors, while the food and beverages you’ll enjoy make for true hedonistic perfection.


Day Five: Setting the Slaves Free – Meereen Belongs to the Queen of Dragons

Follow the path of Daenerys as she seeks to conquer Slaver’s Bay and free the slaves of Meereen. The 1700-year-old Mediterranean metropolis of Split transforms into Meereen, as you start the final chapter of your tour at Diocletian’s Palace, its ancient basements and narrow streets, where freed slaves sought revenge upon their masters. Travel to the suburbs, to the town of Žrnovnica, whose green mill was used for Missandei’s bathing scene, and then continue to the town’s quarry, where the Unsullied battled for Daenerys. Finally, walk the path to the top of Klis Fortress, as it transforms into the Meereen throne, where Daenerys set the slaves free and crucified their wicked owners. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy an authentic Game of Thrones dinner.


Learn more about the 5-day trip and other boutique tours offered by Vetus Itinera here.


5. Walk your own GoT path!

And finally, for the GoT-loving adventurers who aren’t that fond of guided tours and prefer to explore new destinations on their own. Last year, Wanderu came out with a guide on how to create your own itinerary and see all major GoT filming locations in Croatia for less than $100 in total!


The Ultimate Game of Thrones Tour of Croatia by Bus will take you from Zagreb to Šibenik and Krka National Park, then on to Trogir, Split, Makarska, Trsteno, and Dubrovnik, before you head back to the Croatian capital. While some of the prices seem too good to be true – you’re not likely to get from Trogir to Split for $1 on average, for example – the suggested itinerary will definitely come in handy when you start preparing for your Croatian GoT adventure. One small caveat to keep in mind: the listed sums relate to bus tickets only, so don’t forget to add other expenses such as tickets to NP Krka and Lovrjenac Fortress in Dubrovnik.

Click here to explore the route suggested by Wanderu.



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