Varaždin County on Two Wheels: Join the Cycling County

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Lazy days on the beach are over for most of us, and it is time to get a little more active, and there is only one destination to head for this weekend – Varaždin County.

The Varaždin County Tourist Board and Varaždin County, on the occasion of the Varaždin County Day, have decided to organise the “County on Two Wheels” cycling tour on 16 September, 2018.


The organisers have prepared four circular routes: Ludbreg, Varaždinske Toplice, Novi Marof and Ivanec-Lepoglava, which connect six towns and numerous municipalities of Varaždin County, aiming to promote the existing and future cyclo-routes, which are part of the cyclo-touristic network development project.

Each of the routes includes four rest stops where the participants will get a certificate (and a small gift). When you collect all four certificates from one route, or by combining different routes, you will receive a free meal at one of the restaurants located on the route.

The event is unique because you can start at any part of the route from 10 am onwards, but you have to finish your route by 5 pm.


The following rest stops have been selected:

Varaždinske Toplice Route
Caffe Bar Aleja, Ulica Ratimira Hercega, 42000 Varaždin
Zlatne Gorice, Banjščina 27, 42204 Varaždin Breg
Hotel Minerva, Trg Slobode 1, 42223 Varaždinske Toplice
Aquacity, Ludbreška 82/1, 42202 Trnovec Bartolovečki

Ludbreg Route
Vinski podrum, Trg Svetog Trojstva 16, 42230 Ludbreg
Caffe bar Bijeli bagrem, Cvjetna ulica 1, 42233 Sveti Đurđ
Požgaj Family Farm, Dravska ulica 2A, Veliki Bukovec, 42231 Mali Bukovec
Restaurant Arabela, Ludbreška ulica 62, 42230 Globočec Ludbreški

Novi Marof Route
Restaurant Ključice, Trg hrvatske državnosti 3, 42220 Novi Marof
Dani Vrganja, Paka
Caffe Bar Brk, Podevčevo 205c, 42220 Novi Marof
Pizzeria Jenki, Ul. Viktora Čolje 6, 42220 Ključ

Ivanec-Lepoglava Route
Restaurant LIPI, Ul. Akademika Mirka Maleza 31, 42240 Ivanec
TKIC Lepoglava, Ulica Hrvatskih Pavlina 7, 42250 Lepoglava
Hotel Orion, Horvatsko 28, 42244 Klenovnik
Caffe Bar Danica, Margečan 28, 42242 Margečan

If you get tired on one of the routes, decide to connect several routes, or just want to try something new, all participants have available free transportation in the Croatian Railways trains running in the county.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For safety reasons, children under the age of 9 cannot participate in the event, and those aged between 9 and 14 may participate if they have a cyclist license. Wearing protective helmets is recommended to all participants, and it is mandatory for children under 16.

In the case of any problems, the participants can call the service team on the phone number 098/968-7850.

Each of the routes can be reviewed in detail via the online bike-map service and downloaded as a GPX or KML file for navigation devices:

Varaždinske Toplice Route
Ludbreg Route
Novi Marof Route
Ivanec-Lepoglava Route

Prepare your bikes and explore the beautiful county on two wheels!

Here you can download a copy of the map with the detailed information on routes, train timetables and event rules.

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