‘Za Krizen’ 2019 on Hvar: 6 Processions, 8 Videos, 1 UNESCO Heritage

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 April 20, 2019 – One of Croatia’s most important religious traditions, the UNESCO-inscribed ‘Za Krizen’ processions on Hvar, took place once more through the night of Maundy Thursday/Good Friday. A video snapshot of all 6 processions. 

As previously reported on TCN, an altogether different face of the sunny tourist island of Hvar was on display during the night of Maundy Thursday, as thousands of Catholic worshippers took part in the overnight 22-kilometre processions of ‘Za Krizen’ (Behind the Cross), which took place simultaneously from Jelsa, Pitve, Vrisnik, Svirce, Vrbanj and Vrboska. 

The processions, following a barefoot cross bearer and his acolytes, through a circular route of prayer and contemplation through the other five settlements, are a tradition dating back almost 500 years. They have taken place every year without fail, including during wars, Communism and even in the Sinai Desert in the El Shatt refugee camp in 1944-5. 

TCN spent the night on the main square in Jelsa, capturing the action from 20:00 until the spectacular climax, as exhausted Jelsa cross bearer ran the final steps, as per tradition, to return the ancient cross to the awaiting priest at 07:15 on Goof Friday. 

Below, some video footage from the start and end of the Jelsa procession, as well as every other procession as they entered Jelsa’s main square. 

The Jelsa procession departs.

The first of six processions which will pass through Jelsa’s main square. Timeline – 22:15.

The arrival of Vrboska at 23:50.

The arrival of Vrbanj at 01:00.

The arrival of Svirce at 02:15.

The arrival of Vrisnik at 03:30.

The arrival of Pitve at 05:10.

The return of Jelsa at 07:15.



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