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Croatia Animal Friends Urge Croats to Switch to Meatless Diet on Meatout Day

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Switching to the meatless diets in the circumstances of the Russian invasion of Ukraine  can also help prevent a possible ...

Photo: Mario Romulić

Croatia Marks World Wildlife Day

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World Wildlife Day 2022 will draw attention to the need to reverse the fate of the most critically endangered species, to ...

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Osijek Offers Accommodation For Animals From Kyiv Zoo

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Radić held a meeting with the “Lesja Ukrajinka” association of ethnic Ukrainians in eastern Croatia and they visited the reception ...

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Zagreb Park Named after Soviet Space Dog ‘Laika’, First Living Creature to Orbit Earth

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This is how we pay tribute to the first earthly being in space, reminding us of all animals that lost ...

Azil Dumovec, composite by TCN

Azil Dumovec: Where Zagreb Bus Drivers Take Their Injured Owls

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Zagreb bus driver Dario Buzjak was making his final run from Velika Gorica back to the city terminal when he ...

© Ana Juric / Oglasnik otoka Korčule

Injured Turtle in Korčula Bay: Rescued, Treated, Ready For New Life

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Like many other places, towns, locations, and neighborhoods, Korčula also has groups on social media to ease communication among users ...

screenshot / Jelena Osijek OS

Malena Passed Away: Croatia Mourns End of Klepetan and Malena Stork Love Story

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Nineteen years of stork romance between Malena and Klepetan in the Slavonian village of Brodski Varoš (near Slavonski Brod), has ...


VIDEO: Drone Reveals Super Close Encounter Beneath Zadar Whale Chasers

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Upon hearing a whale had strayed in the Karin Sea, Igor Goić and Sandra Župan, decided to set off to ...

National Park Krka

Dinaric Karst Caves World’s Richest In Species, 70% Indigenous To Croatia

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Dinaric karst caves are one of the best-kept secrets of Dalmatia. While the majestic Dinaric Alps are an ever-present backdrop ...

© Supernova, Zadar

VIDEO: Family of Zadar Sheep Visit Shopping Mall, Looking for Woolmart?

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The people who inhabit Croatia’s coastal region of Dalmatia like to take pride in the good things they have. And ...

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