How 247 Million Kuna Was Returned To Ivica Todorić

Lauren Simmonds

”I’m filing a criminal report as soon as it’s ready. I just can’t believe that he deceived us so much”

Multiple Arrests Made in Croatia and Slovenia in Sports Corruption Case

Lauren Simmonds

International crime syndicate busted by Croatian and Slovenian security.

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Horvatinčić: Croatian Millionaire Kills 4 People in 3 Incidents, Serves No Time

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On Friday 13th October 2017, Croatian businessman and millionaire – Tomo Horvatinčić was acquitted of all charges relating to the ...

Croatian Elite Allegedly Has Secret Bank Accounts with RBA Group

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According to a document whose authenticity could not be confirmed, it seems that some members of Croatian political and business ...

How does Croatia Stand in the Global Corruption Perception Index?

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Transparency International has been publishing annual Corruption Perception Indexes since 1995. Based on expert opinion from around the world, the ...