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Croatian Winemakers at ProWein 2024 Fair in Dusseldorf

Lauren Simmonds

March the 12th, 2024 – Croatian winemakers are present at the famous ProWein wine fair in the German city of ...

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Unveil the Mysteries of Plavac Mali from Vis Island

Valentina Silović

Brace yourself for an epic journey through the sun-kissed vineyards of Vis Island as we unravel the secrets behind the sensational Plavac Mali grape!

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New EU Wine Regulations: What Lies Behind the E-labels?

Valentina Silović

From December 8, 2023, all wines destined for the EU market and bottled after that date must prominently list all ingredients added during the production process on their labels.

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Uncover the Ultimate Croatian Wine Romance

Valentina Silović

Wine is often associated with romance and passion. Combining a love story with a wine story can lead to miraculous experiences. Let this incredible Croatian wine romance story inspire you.

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Rooted in Resilience: The Babić Wine Revival Phenomenon

Valentina Silović

In the world of fine wines, few tales are as captivating as that of the Babić wine. This exquisite nectar has a history that spans centuries, and its journey is one of remarkable resilience and undeniable potential.

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What Croatian Terroir Wines You Can’t Miss?

Valentina Silović

Explore the fascinating relationship between wine and terroir as you discover your next favorite Croatian wine.

Best Value Croatian Wines: Uncover Exceptional And Affordable Quality

Valentina Silović

Explore the world of the best Croatian value wines and discover exceptional value-for-money gems! Don't miss out on the opportunity to taste some of the finest value wines Croatia has to offer.

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Exploring Daruvar: Unveiling the Secrets of Croatian Wine Subregion

Valentina Silović

Uncover captivating world of Daruvar, a Croatian wine subregion, telling a unique tale through its history, grapes, and wines.

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Is Your Wine Tasting Bucket List Missing Croatian Blaufränkisch?

Valentina Silović

Discover why every wine enthusiast should explore the world of Blaufränkisch, and its Croatian counterpart - Frankovka!

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Uncover Ancient And Rare Variety From Famed Croatian Island

Valentina Silović

Your island wine adventure begins! Discover the allure of ancient and rare grape variety from Vis Island. Explore its history, taste, and unique charm.

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