New EU Wine Regulations: What Lies Behind the E-labels?

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November 11, 2023. – The implementation of EU Regulation 2021/2117 signifies a monumental shift for the wine and aromatic wine market within the European Union. From December 8, 2023, all wines destined for the EU market and bottled after that date must prominently list all ingredients added during the production process on their labels. 

Failure to disclose, concealment, or falsification of this information will be treated as consumer fraud, marking a significant step towards transparency and accountability in the industry.

What does the EU regulation on wine labels mean for winemakers and wine distributors?

According to the new EU wine regulation, all winemakers and distributors selling and importing wines on the EU market will have to clearly display information about:

  • Ingredients,
  • Allergens and intolerances,
  • Energy value, and
  • Nutritional values.

Instead of printing nutritional information directly on the label, wine producers and distributors will use QR codes.

The use of QR codes will allow consumers to access all relevant data through e-labels, preserving the aesthetic appearance of the product while meeting all regulatory requirements.

What needs to be included on the label to comply with EU regulations?

Certain information must be provided on the physical or printed label, while some information needs to be presented in digital format through an e-label that can be scanned using the QR code on the physical label.

The following data must be displayed on the physical label:

  • Allergen content according to EU Regulation 1169/2011 – for example, contains sulfites (if the level is above 10 mg/l).
  • Energy value per 100 ml – for example, E 298 kJ/72 kcal.
  • For dealcoholized wines with an alcohol content of less than 10%, the expiry date must be indicated in accordance with EU Regulation 2021/2117.

For printing other ingredients, nutritional tables, and detailed waste packaging classification information, winemakers and other stakeholders in the wine industry can utilize dynamic QR codes through digital labels or e-labels.

For instance, nutritional value and additive information will be displayed to consumers through an innovative e-label in digital format, which can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the physical label.

Websites displaying wine composition data must not contain other information, advertisements, or marketing content, nor collect consumer data.

Distribution of sales and marketing content without mandatory ingredient or nutritional value information is considered a violation of regulations.

What do wineries need to consider when choosing e-label solutions?

Given the complexity and potential pitfalls associated with implementing e-labels independently, selecting the right solution and platform for e-labeling is a decision that can impact the entire development process and compliance with new EU regulations on wine labeling, along with potential sanctions.

Why Choose Craft Technology E-Label?

Craft Technology’s e-label is an innovative online solution developed by the Craft Technology team of experts, fully tailored to the specific needs of the wine industry, ensuring the most relevant tools for compliance with the new EU regulations on wine labeling.

In just a few steps, winemakers and distributors can easily enter all necessary information and generate a QR code using this platform.

In summary, creating an e-label through the Craft Technology platform works as follows:

  • STEP 1: Wineries collect and organize information and data.
  • STEP 2: Wineries enter wine information into the software.
  • STEP 3: A website for the wine e-label and QR code is generated.
  • STEP 4: The QR code is downloaded and sent to the wine label manufacturer.
  • STEP 5: The QR code is printed on the label.

By scanning the QR code using smartphones, consumers can easily access electronic records of nutritional values in 24 official languages within the EU, ensuring compliance with all legal regulations and providing consumers with complete transparency about the product they are purchasing.

With our rich experience in the wine industry, marketing, digital transformation, and sales, we decided to create a solution that would allow winemakers and other stakeholders in the wine industry to align their businesses with EU regulations in an innovative way and at minimal costs,” says Dario Drmač, CEO and co-founder of the Craft Technology platform.

The key to our solution lies in adding value to every winemaker. Our mission extends far beyond this product. Through the Craft Technology brand, our goal is to offer a comprehensive solution in the near future that will truly transform the businesses of winemakers, craft brewers, and olive growers by enabling them to build long-term relationships with their customers and increase sales through all channels. Craft Technology e-label is just the first step in that direction,” said Ivan Kovačević, co-founder, and COO of Craft Technology.

Not ready to enter data or deal with compliance and lab analysis? Craft Technology got you covered

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of data entry, compliance intricacies, and lab analyses? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. With a full suite of services, Craft Technology lifts the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on crafting exceptional wines. 

If you’re too busy and don’t want to bother with calories, sugars, nutrition information, etc, they can help you put in all the info and set up a QR code with the We do it for you data input and QR code quickstartoffer. With their Peace of Mind Data Compliance Check” offer, the expert team double-checks everything to make sure it’s perfect, keeping you penalty-free and chill.

With Craft Technology, you can be confident that all key data will be accurately filled out, thanks to detailed instructions and checks, as well as customer service that monitors and promptly addresses any potential errors.

Visit the Craft Technology e-label website to learn more about EU wine labeling compliance and how Craft Technology can assist in creating e-labels and QR codes.

About Craft Technology

Craft Technology is a software platform providing innovative solutions, digital transformation, and business optimization for wineries, breweries, and olive oil producers.

Craft Technology e-Label is a new product designed for creating e-labels and managing content. This software sets new standards in the wine industry, enabling winemakers and wine distributors to swiftly and efficiently comply with legal regulations through a customized software solution.

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