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Featured image of Croatian wine subregion Daruvar

Exploring Daruvar: Unveiling the Secrets of Croatian Wine Subregion

Valentina Silović

Uncover captivating world of Daruvar, a Croatian wine subregion, telling a unique tale through its history, grapes, and wines.

Croatian Blaufrankisch featured cover

Is Your Wine Tasting Bucket List Missing Croatian Blaufränkisch?

Valentina Silović

Discover why every wine enthusiast should explore the world of Blaufränkisch, and its Croatian counterpart - Frankovka!

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Uncover Ancient And Rare Variety From Famed Croatian Island

Valentina Silović

Your island wine adventure begins! Discover the allure of ancient and rare grape variety from Vis Island. Explore its history, taste, and unique charm.

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Looking for Unique Wine Experience? Try Croatian Old Vintage Wines!

Valentina Silović

Indulge in the extraordinary world of Croatian old vintage wines. Discover unparalleled wine experiences and uncork the past to savor the richness of Croatian terroir in every sip!

Graphic image of oak barrels

Can’t Decide What to Serve? Try Croatian Oak-Aged Wines!

Valentina Silović

Discover a delightful journey for your palate and a feast for your senses by following these suggestions for pairing oak-aged Croatian wines with food.

Single vineyard wines cover

Ever Tried Croatian Single Vineyard Wines? Now’s The Time!

Valentina Silović

Experience the terroir's magic in every drop of these Croatian mesmerizing single vineyard wines.

Cover image of the article about Vis Island as your next wine gateaway island

Top Reasons to Add Vis Island to Your Wine Travel Bucket List

Valentina Silović

Embark on a wine adventure to Vis Island, where the allure of vineyards and the magic of ancient winemaking traditions intertwine, introducing you to the exceptional flavors of Vugava and Plavac Mali wines.

Image of animation concerning Sauvignon Blanc food pairings

Pairing Perfection: Unveiling The Best Sauvignon Blanc Food Matches

Valentina Silović

When it comes to the best Sauvignon Blanc food pairings, Sauvignon Blanc offers a wide range of possibilities that complement its unique qualities.


What Do Croats Really Drink? It’s a Mixed Bag…

Valentina Silović

Apart from national drinks such as rakija, Croatians drink a lot of beer and also a lot of wine.


Unlocking Croatia’s Wine Export Potential with a Bold Communication Strategy

Valentina Silović

Can the Croatian wine industry enhance its growth and expand its export market through the implementation of a new communication strategy?