fires in dalmatia

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Afforestation Drive Rehabilitates Fire-Devastated Areas of Dalmatia

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The first area to be treated is part of the Mosor mountain, which was devastated in last year’s fires.

New Wildfire Monitoring System Coming to Dalmatia

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ZAGREB, March 22, 2018 – Executives from the national forest management company, Hrvatske Šume, and the Transmitters and Communications company, ...

Wildfire Breaks Out Near Omiš, Houses in Danger

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Firefighters are trying to prevent the blaze from reaching the first line of houses in the populated area

Fire in Konavle: 40 Hectares of Forest Burned, Firefighters Monitored Blaze All Night

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A potentially damaging blaze in Konavle is tackled.

Firefighter Reacts: “We Get Food Only When Ministers and Media Visit Fire Sites”

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A young volunteering firefighter reacted to the statement from the president of the Fire Department, who said his firemen get ...

Firefighting Pilots and Air Technicians Get Special Bonus

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Near the end, hopefully, of the most difficult fire fighting season in the last 30 years, each will get well-deserved ...

Serbs Blamed for Starting Fires, Croats Set Dalmatia Ablaze to Punish Serbs

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We’re more than used to absurdities of daily life in this country of ours, but every once in a while, ...

Šibenik Prefect Condemns Accusations that Serbs Are Starting Fires in Croatia

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An important voice of reason from Šibenik.

Wildfires in Dalmatia Visible From Space

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Multiple wildires that are ravaging Dalmatia for two days now can be seen from space

Wildfires in Dalmatia Update: State of Emergency Declared, Several State Roads Closed

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Most fires are under control and inhabited villages are not in danger, but firefighters still have many fires to put ...