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Croatian Love Island Galešnjak Put up for Sale for 13 Million Euros

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Morski cites the ad, originally published on Index. “A heart-shaped island with approximately 142,000 m2, of which slightly more than ...


Croatia’s Cupid Island: Galešnjak

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“Cupid’s Island”, more famously known as the “Island of Love”, was originally spotted by a 19th-century cartographer working for Napoleon. ...

Two Croatian Destinations on Forbes’ Most Romantic Destination List

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As Novac/Jozo Vrdoljak writes, as Valentine’s Day 2021 approaches, the highly influential American magazine Forbes published a list of sixteen of ...

VIDEO: Stunning Aerial Footage of Dolphin Family in Zadar Archipelago

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The Adriatic might be too cold for us right now, but conditions are perfect for this dolphin family, spectacularly captured ...


Meet 6 Unique Croatian Islands of Outstanding Beauty

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October 9, 2018 – Croatia has more islands (some 1,244 in all) than some people have had hot dinners, and ...


Football Supporters Get Out of Hand As Croatia’s Island of Love, Galešnjak, Burns

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Playing with fire rarely brings positive results.

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5 Unique Croatian Islands You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

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Croatian islands, most would agree, are a true paradise on Earth.


Most Beautiful Landscapes in Europe: 3 Croatian Gems

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The renowned travel website European Best Destinations published the latest themed list of travellers’ favourite destinations worldwide, based on a ...

From Croatia with Love: Watch the Best Valentine’s Day Video in the World

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Yes, we know that Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but any excuse to spread the love is a good one…