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The Last Indigenous Cancer (Animal) in the Waters of the Imotski Region

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Imotski Svitnjak brings us more info on these beautiful animals


Weaving Patterns of the Imotski Region

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A very interesting piece from Imotski-Svitnjak on weaving patterns in Imotski region.

Imotski Svitnjak is One Year Old – Happy Birthday!!

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It takes courage to start making a difference. So many of us are just complaining about other people, about government, ...

Baptising the Turks in the 18th Century

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Some rather interesting history facts publish at the Imotski Svitnjak from the book “Odjeci” by Vjeko Vrčić, prepared by Vedran Vrčić. ...

Imotski as it Once Was in Pictures

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It is always great to see old photos of a place we know and love. To compare the current look ...

A 150 years of Carnival Tradition in Imotski

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  According to authentic historical documents, there is a 150 years old tradition of organized Carnival processions in Imotski, writes ...

The Beautiful Biokovo Mountain

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People in Jelsa on Hvar have a kind of special relationship with this mountain as it is directly visible from ...

All records broken in 2015 in Imotski

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For most of us, when a year comes to its end, it is mostly about waiting for the new one ...