New Factory Planned for Croatia’s ”Juicy” Drinks as They Take Germany and Italy

Lauren Simmonds

If all the plans for Juicy’s expansion on other markets go as they should, a brand new factory is expected ...

ItaliaFest to Remain on Zadar Waterfront for Today

Lauren Simmonds

Zadar’s current taste of Italy will move from the waterfront to the market on Monday.

Italians to Take Over Rijeka’s 3 Maj Shipyard?

Lauren Simmonds

A new dawn for the famous Rijeka shipyard?

Young Croatian Talent Impresses at Milan Design Fair

Lauren Simmonds

Croatian innovation wows in Italy.

Italian Media Tackle Tomislav Horvatinčić: ”His Responsibility is Clear, He’s Never Been Punished for Deaths of Two People”

Lauren Simmonds

A reminder from across the Adriatic that the Croatian legal system’s shameful acquittal of rich Zagreb entrepreneur Tomislav ”Tomo” Horvatinčić ...

Postcard from Croatia Arrives in Italy After 29 Years

Lauren Simmonds

Snail mail is very much alive in the modern age as a postcard from Croatia takes almost three decades to ...

Italian Company Plans Six Million Euro Investment in Vukovar

Lauren Simmonds

Could Croatia’s Hero City be in for the boost of all boosts?

Is Trieste – Kvarner Sea Connection Just Matter of Time?

Lauren Simmonds

Are Kvarner and Trieste about to come one step closer?

Coordinating Committee of Italian and Croatian Ministers to Meet in Rome on Thursday

Total Croatia News

ZAGREB, January 17th, 2018 – The coordinating committee of Italian and Croatian ministers will hold its third meeting in Rome ...

Comparisons Between Agrokor and Italy’s Infamous Parmalat Case

Lauren Simmonds

One case that Agrokor could be compared to would be the infamous Parmalat case that shook Italy – and the ...