As Croatian Textile Industry Suffers, Rijeka Man Builds Three Million Euro Factory

Lauren Simmonds

Not everything is so black…

Life of the Youth: Small Croatian Town Sees Biggest Employment Hike in One Year

Lauren Simmonds

One Istrian town is setting a shining example for the rest of the country.

Croatian Online Store Opens New Pick-Up Point for Orders

Lauren Simmonds is set to open a new centre, and increase employment opportunities along with it.

Virovitica: 309 Million Kuna Investment, 175 New Jobs

Lauren Simmonds

Good news for Virovitica as Agrotech plans to build a production facility with a ​​34,000 square metre area.

Croatian Companies Importing Workers from Kosovo

Lauren Simmonds

Some companies are importing more and more workers from Kosovo and neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zagrebačka Banka Named Best Employer in Croatia and Europe

Lauren Simmonds

Accolades for Croatia’s very own Zagrebačka banka.

Jobs for 500 Employees: Croats from Switzerland Invest 150 Million Euro

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The aim is to raise the quality of tourist services to a higher level.

Pevec Purchases Property with Sales Center in Kutina

Lauren Simmonds

Pevec in Kutina currently employs 45 people.

Lesnina to Open Most Modern Centre in Croatia

Lauren Simmonds

First Plodine, now Lesnina. Pula is set to be home to Lesnina’s biggest centre in the country.

Reassuring Recovery of Croatian Job Market?

Lauren Simmonds

Good news for the labour market?