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Theater at End of City: Former Judino Drvo Transforms into Split’s Newest Theater

Daniela Rogulj

October 2, 2020 – Famous Split music venue and club Judino Drvo has closed its doors. The Kopilica space will ...

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Split Scene in Winter: ‘Na Bini’ Pop-Up Event

Total Croatia News

Saturday 24th February 2018, Judino Drvo will host the ‘Na Bini’ pop-up concept store. A collaboration between local and international ...

Old Club, New Vibrations: Get Ready for an Amplified Judino Drvo

Daniela Rogulj

In October, the people of Split will be able to see Kozmodrum and the Young Blood Brass Band.

Your Saturday Night Happenings for Split

Daniela Rogulj

This October Saturday night brings you a plethora of options, including everything from films to plays and season opening parties ...

It’s Sunny, It’s Saturday, and It’s Croatian Independence Day – What’s on Tonight?

Daniela Rogulj

After what seems like an eternity of rain (it wasn’t), the sun is finally out, shining, and one day of ...

The First Night of a Split Weekend: Here is What is Happening Tonight

Daniela Rogulj

Friday: a six-letter word that sends chills down the spines of those so happy to have finally reached it. Friday: ...

It’s Friday Night – Here is What Split Has Going On

Daniela Rogulj

It’s the weekend again! And since it is Friday night, our goal is to set you off on the right ...


Nightlife in Split: A Tour of the Nightclubs

Daniela Rogulj

One thing that Split is no stranger to: nightlife. One thing that Split locals and tourists both enjoy doing: partying. ...

Ultra Pre-Parties and After Parties Happening this Week in Split

Daniela Rogulj

As most all of us in Split (and maybe even Croatia) know, it’s Ultra Europe week! In an effort to ...

Judino Drvo’s End of Season Party with Bad Copy!

Daniela Rogulj

No, Judino Drvo isn’t closing for good. But yes, they want a vacation in the summer just like you do. ...

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