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Croatian Contingent Given Send-Off to Kosovo Without Presence of Media, Minister

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The ceremony is taking place in the barracks of the 132nd Croatian Army Brigade in the eastern city of Našice ...

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Foreign Minister Grlić Radman Calls on Remaining EU Countries to Recognise Kosovo

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Kosovo declared its independence in 2008 and it has been recognised by about one hundred countries, including all EU member ...

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Milanović: Croatian Troops in Kosovo “No Provocation Against Serbia”

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“That’s no provocation against Serbia. The Serbian authorities do not know how to get out of the trap into which ...

Who Doesn’t Have to Self-Isolate After Entering Croatia from BiH or Serbia?

Daniela Rogulj

June 25, 2020 – Who will be able to enter Croatia from BiH, Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia without having to ...

600,000 Residents in Croatia Were Born Abroad, Where Are They Located?

Lauren Simmonds

The unemployment rate for young people up to 29 years of age is the highest among Croatia’s domestic population, and ...

Vienna Institute: Croatia Continuing to Slow Down, Kosovo is Rising Star

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As Adriano Milovan/Novac writes on the 2nd of April, 2019, the economic expansion period for most of the transition countries, ...

The Balkans – The Only Place Where Europe Never Went to War!

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You read it right. Now, keep going…

Croatian Companies Importing Workers from Kosovo

Lauren Simmonds

Some companies are importing more and more workers from Kosovo and neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Just Three Days, Nine People Cross into Croatia through Montenegro Illegally

Lauren Simmonds

Nine foreign nationals were caught illegally crossing the state border between Montenegro and the Republic of Croatia in four separate ...

HNS Fined for Crowd Incidents in Match Against Kosovo

Daniela Rogulj

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has made a decision on the fine the Croatian Football Federation will receive due to incidents ...

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