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Croatian Mondays – Speaking, Talking, Telling and Saying

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Maybe you’ve noticed that for some time now, I haven’t written a single word about the Croatian language, Croatian life, ...

Free Croatian Language Course for Returnee Children in Split!

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Classes for kids aged 4-10 are starting in February


Swearing in Croatia, Part II: Flesh and Blood

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Following our latest feature on Croatian swear words, a look at some of the most colourful ways to express yourself ...


Swearing in Croatia: 10 Things to Know About the J-Word

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Trying to learn how to speak Croatian? Let us help you with a category that probably won’t get covered in ...

Language and Learning Croatian

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Even though a lot of Croatians speak fluent English and you probably could survive without learning Hrvatski (that’s how Croatians ...

Learn Croatian Online for Free

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A group of young linguists started a free Croatian language online e-learning portal HR4EU.