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Lidl Croatia Opens New Shop in Famous Central Zagreb Street

Lauren Simmonds

Lidl Croatia is without a doubt one of the most popular shops from which you can purchase food and other ...

Lidl Opens New Store in Zagreb: “We’re Continuing With Extensive Expansion”

Lauren Simmonds

The wildly popular and typically cheaper retailer Lidl opened its 98th store in the Republic of Croatia yesterday, proving that ...

Wages in Velika Gorica Exceed Average Zagreb Wage

Lauren Simmonds

Velika Gorica lies just outside of the Croatian capital of Zagreb, and while you might think very little of this ...

Domestic Produce All The More Popular, Big Chances for Small Producers

Lauren Simmonds

Retail chains have been pointing out the more than promising growth of Croatian products.

Lidl Croatia Achieves Income of Four Billion Kuna

Lauren Simmonds

Good news for Lidl!

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Domestic Producers Find their Place on Lidl Shelves

Daniela Rogulj

Supermarket chain Lidl presented the project “Flavors of your homeland” at the farm of Zlatko Vinković in Belica yesterday. This ...