Old photos of Dalmatia

History repeats itself! Girl goes to Dubrovnik to recreate exact photo her mother took 40 years ago

Lauren Simmonds

There is something so charming about old photos, especially when they’re recreated and brought to life once again!

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Old Postcards and Photographs: The Vrlika Folk Costume

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The Vrlika Folk Costume is one of the greatest national ethnographic treasures of Croatia. According to the Vrlika tourist board:

Vrgorac as it Once Was – An Interview with the Editor Branko Radonić

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(photo: Vrgorac Nekada / Australia 1930s)   It fascinates us to see old photographs of places we know so well. ...

Imotski as it Once Was in Pictures

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It is always great to see old photos of a place we know and love. To compare the current look ...