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Majestic Interior of Minčeta Tower Open for Public after 550 Years

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“Next year we will continue works on the walls up to Bokar fortress and then we will have a complete ...

A Demographic Catastrophe: Fewer and Fewer Residents in Dubrovnik

Lauren Simmonds

Dubrovnik is seeing its permanent resident list lose numbers, fast…

Showing Your Ass in Dubrovnik – An Unoriginal Trend

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It seems that displaying certain parts of your anatomy for no apparent reason is growing in popularity, also, for no ...

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Monasteries of Dubrovnik Old Town

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The word monastery comes from the Greek word “monasteries” that translates to “to live alone” from the root “monos” meaning ...

How Did People Measure Length In The Dubrovnik Republic?

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The Dubrovnik Republic was known for its innovation and forward-thinking mentality.

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Dubrovnik City Gates

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Numerous tourists visiting Dubrovnik these days have the opportunity to enter the Old Town using two gates: the Pile Gate ...

How Did Stradun Get Its Name?

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We all know Stradun as well, Stradun. Just how did the most beautiful street in the world get its unusual ...

The Construction of Fortress Revelin

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The present-day Culture Club Revelin was recently dubbed as one of the 50 best clubs in Europe, but do you ...

Commissioner Medović Adopts a New Decision on Temporary Financing

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Dubrovnik’s political scene is everything, but boring. After the former mayor Vlahusić was denied right to run again as a ...

Photo of the Day: The Labyrinth Of Passages In The Old Town

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The Labyrinth Of Passages In The Old Town Try to find all the main attractions in the Old Town, if ...

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