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Moving to Croatia – How to Obtain Temporary Residence as an EU/EEA National

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What is an EU national? An EU national is a person who holds the national citizenship of one of the ...

The Lowdown on Croatian Residence Permits and Travel Regulations

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Once you’ve received your first temporary residence permit, be it valid for a year, two years, three years, four or ...

Three, Four or Five Years for Croatian Permanent Residence? It Depends

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Croatian permanent residence after five years Croatian permanent residence is typically obtained after five years and one day of living ...


Residence in Croatia: The Approval and Permit Pick Up Procedure

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January the 12th, 2020 – I’ve written extensively on the process of gaining residence in Croatia, citizenship laws and processes, from ...

Opening a Business to Gain Residence in Croatia, Yes or No?

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August the 18th, 2019 – We’ve explored citizenship through naturalisation, marriage, descent, and special interest. We’ve delved into the world of ...