samobor to get a brand new park, generic image

Samobor to Get One of Biggest and Most Modern Croatian Parks

Katarina Anđelković

August 7, 2023 – Construction of one of the most modern and largest parks in Croatia was officially opened on ...

rc zone samobor

Czechs Already Building RC Zone Samobor

Lauren Simmonds

June the 29th, 2023 – The Czechs are already busy constructing the future RC Zone Samobor, and this is just ...

Samobor, a Culinary Day Trip Treat from Zagreb with Much More than Kremsnita

Total Croatia News

Moving to Zagreb has given me a different perspective on life in the capital. Whereas I previously came to visit ...

Igor Kralj/PIXSELL

One of Europe’s Oldest: St Barbara Mine near Samobor Reopens to Visitors

Daniela Rogulj

The people of Samobor are very proud of this locality and tourist attraction, which is located only five kilometers from ...

Dr. Pigley: Samobor Frelimo Cvarci Get New International Name

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, due to the growing number of countries to which this company now exports a globally successful ...

Mali Tehnopolis Samobor: Games, Drones Being Created in Ex Military Barracks

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, in addition to always being a favourite place for dessert lovers, Samobor is increasingly attracting entrepreneurs ...

Czechs Constructing 500 Million Kuna Samobor Logistics Centre

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes, there’s a growing logistics ”trend” in and around Zagreb, and the City of Samobor is ...

Get a Taste of Zagreb County Jastrebarsko on Wine Country Getaway

Total Croatia News

These days, it’s easier than ever to find great local food in Croatia’s capital. But, if you’re searching for authentic ...

Swanky Travel

A Jolly Good Trip: Digital Nomads Discover Zagreb County

Total Croatia News

Digital nomads residing in Zagreb got together to recap the year at the Zagreb Digital Nomad Jolly WrapUp event that ...


Wine Roads of Jastrebarsko, Samobor, Sv. Ivan Zelina Presented through New Website

Total Croatia News

There are numerous attractive towns, villages, and micro-regions around the Croatian capital Zagreb. Some of them are well known among ...

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