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Paul Bradbury

Stunning views of the bridge connecting one of the biggest Croatian islands, Krk, to the mainland. Dino Stuparić.

January 7, 2024 – We are delighted to welcome 7 young photography talents who will be showcasing their work on the TCN Instagram page over the next 3 months initially. Here is a recap of Week 1.

Last month, I posted on social media that we were looking to overhaul the TCN Instagram page and use it as a platform to showcase the talent of some of Croatia’s young and lesser-known photography talent. We had a great response and finally agreed to work with the 7 photographers below – an introduction of who they are, their first photo posted this week, and a link to their page.

Mario Ivanković – Mondays

Skateable, with a view of the Eltz Manor in the background. Kickflip by the Danube.

Mario is a hobby photographer from Vukovar, which he often pairs with his favourite hobby of skateboarding. He is interested in portraits, as well as film photography of dreamy vibes. You can expect dynamic work and representation of eastern Croatia from Mario.

Martina Vujović – Tuesdays

Lost in the charm of Rovinj’s terracotta-tiled roofs, may 2024 be a canvas of thrilling Adriatic adventures in Croatia.

Martina (aka Mars) was born in Croatia, raised in Canada, and recently moved back to her homeland. She is an endlessly curious Adriatic thalassophile with a passion for sipping coffee at seaside cafes. Mars co-runs a content creation company, where she develops multimedia portfolios for businesses and brands. These are pieces of Croatia through her lens.

Armando Suša – Wednesdays

The beauty of the Adriatic is an endless source of inspiration. Meet jugo – the famous stormy southerly wind, as captured at the cliffs of the Telašćica nature park.

Armando Suša is a 33-year-old from Rijeka, native of Pašman, currently living in Zagreb. He is a lover of adrenaline sports, nature, photography and video. In his words, a great passion for his hobbies allowed him to combine it all into one. Through the world of diving he discovered a great love for underwater photography, and enjoying nature developed a love for landscape photography. Shooting videos spiced up his photos and brought his world closer to everyone around him.

Vladimir Nemet – Thursdays

Vladimir is interested in nature photography and its details, in the so-called close-up photography. He works as a psychotherapist, specializing in a form of psychotherapy known as phenomenological existential psychotherapy. Phenomenology is a philosophical approach based on experience and the perception of the world. Such is Vladimir’s photography, a return to the original, authentic experience. A photograph is “successful” when it achieves the so-called “Epoche,” a term from phenomenology, which means “suspension of judgment,” indicating that perception takes precedence over reflection. He is also interested in “street photography,” where he can capture people’s facial expressions in moments of spontaneity, that is, their authenticity.

Dino Stuparić – Fridays

Stunning views of the bridge connecting one of the biggest Croatian islands, Krk, to the mainland.

Dino finds that his love, passion, whatever you call it, is the most important when it comes to photography. He has always been a visual type of person. Observing things, people, animals, whatever at a given moment makes him stop and wander into a world of his creativity and imagination. That creation, as far as he remembers, came with the first camera he got from his uncle. And here he is, talking about his personal best way of taking photos. Analog on 35mm film roll. And all that excitement while you wait for the film to develop and look at what you have photographed. Really, the best moments. But as time moves forward as well as technology, there was a camera, a mobile phone, whatever was in his hands that could stop that particular moment and turn it into a picture. During one period, he also worked at a photo studio, where his colleagues at the time opened up another world for him. Both the practical and the theoretical part. Despite all that, he is where he is now. Love still smolders in him whenever he grabs the device and starts collecting some of his “moments”. Because, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and it really does. And over time he has collected a lot. Which means twice as many stories. And it will always be there for him to go back in time and remember something that was happening around him.

Klaudia Woźniak – Saturdays   

Finding serenity in the Croatian mountains.

Let’s welcome Klaudia, a young student from Poland, calling Croatia her home since September. 🇵🇱➡️🇭🇷 She has fallen head over heels for this country’s beauty—capturing its charm through her lens is her absolute passion. 📸 She is so excited to share the magic of Croatia with you all! 💙✨

In this land of stunning light and crystal-clear waters, photos practically take themselves. Klaudia can’t wait to weave the tales of Croatia’s beauty together! 📷✨

Willy – Sundays

Slow days in Pula

Willy is French and has a deep passion for photography. He uses it primarily as a means to capture and remember the places he has been and the sights he has seen.

The ability to freeze a moment in time is something he finds truly fascinating.

Each shot is a unique coincidence, and it’s through these coincidences that he found himself in Pula.

Or you can follow them all on TCN’s Instagram.


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