Korčula Beach of the Week – Pavja Luka

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photo from korcula-larus.com website

We return to our series of articles about the beaches on Korčula island

We’ve already mentioned the term “defora beaches”, which is often used by the people of Korčula to describe the beaches lined on the southern edge of the island, between Lumbarda and Brna. There is quite a number of them, from more popular ones like Pupnatska luka or Bačva beach, to the ones that much less talked about and visited. 

The main reason for the discrepancy in the popularity of those beaches is how easily accessible they are, by car of on foot. Some of them, like the two mentioned earlier, are relatively easy to get to, there are roads leading quite close to them (either fully paved or good macadam roads), good parking possibilities, bars on the beaches etc, which results in many tourists coming there, which leads to more people knowing about them and going there each year. 

pavja luka.jpg

Our beach of the week this week, Pavja luka, is not one of those. There is an unpaved road passing relatively close to Pavja luka (the one going to Orlanduša/Bratinja beach), and at the beginning of that road in Žrnovo it certainly says that it will take you to Pavja luka. But, there’s no parking. You won’t even be certain where exactly you need to pull your car over in order to go down to the beach. And the footpath to the beach is not nicely widened, taken care of and short. A lot of area around the beach is private property, there are several private houses with their gates that clearly say that you’re not welcome to walk through their yard (understandably). There is one public footpath that will take you down to the beach, but the entire experience can be seen as an adventure video-game played live, on the southern side of Korčula island.

But, once you manage to prove your worth in this game you’re playing, you will be rewarded. I mean, if peace, quite, perfect tranquility, clear sea-water at a beach surrounded by vineyards is your thing. If you’re looking for a bar, something to eat on the beach, parasols and beach chairs, don’t come to Pavja luka, you’ll be disappointed because there’s nothing of the sort here. 



Just a pebbly beach, almost no-one on it (we were there in early September and you can see for yourself the kind of crowds we had to struggle), perfect entrance to the sea, no maestral, since it’s located on the southern side of the island, some natural shade in the afternoon, some boats docked there and that’s just about it. 

If you have a boat and are around Korčula, you should most certainly go to Pavja luka for a swim, as it will be one of the most rewarding and wonderful swims, as it’s a remarkable little cove to get into, drop anchor and just enjoy the view of the vineyards and imagine all the work needed to put them there.  



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