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Korčula Beach of the Week – Pavja Luka

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We return to our series of articles about the beaches on Korčula island

Fast Food Porat – Prižba/Blato

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Fast Food Porat serves up a small selection of pizzas, hot sandwiches, and ice cream.  FAST FOOD PORAT Prižba bb ...

Fast Food As – Prižba/ Blato

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Fast Food ‘As’ serves up hamburgers, ćevapčići, sandwiches, salads, grill items, crepes, ice cream, and both hot and cold drinks.  ...

Restaurant Čerin – Prižba/Blato

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Čerin is a classic, family-run Dalmatian style restaurant with breathtaking views over the sea. Fresh fish and meat on the ...

Restoran Riva No.1 – Prižba/Blato

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Restaurant Riva1 is one of the most visited restaurants in the Prižba resort and is located on the waterfront in the ...

Restaurant Paradiso – Prižba/Blato

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Located in the center of Prižba, Paradiso offers a range of meat and fish specialties from the grill, and specializes ...

Restaurant Prižba – Prižba/Blato

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RESTAURANT PRIŽBA Prižba bb Prižba 20271 Blato Croatia Phone: +385 (0)20 861 182 Phone: +385 (0)20 851 767 GSM:   ...


Korčula Beach of the Week – Prižba

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Moving a bit further away from Korčula, today we examine the lovely Prižba beach.