Vela Spila

Daniela Rogulj

Vela Spila is an archeological cave site above the town of Vela Luka. The cave expands 50 x 40 m and stands at a height of 20 m, while the entrance is about 8 m wide. At the cave’s ceiling, there are two openings that allow the entry of a sufficient amount of daylight. The cave was intensively explored for about fifty years, during which, up to a depth of 10.6 m, a considerable amount of diverse archaeological material was discovered. Vela Spila takes visitors on a journey through time, through the history of the human race.

Centar za kulturu Vela Luka

Obala 3 br.9
20270 Vela Luka
GSM: :+382 (0)20 813 602
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: N/A

Cave Location:
Ulica 4
20270 Vela Luka

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