Maestralan Hike: A Humanitarian and Educational Action for the Maestral Children’s Home

Daniela Rogulj

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&adventure, one of Croatia’s leading active holiday companies, gives back in a big way with the announcement of the Maestralan Hike.

UPDATE – Please note the date has now been changed to March 10

The Maestralan Hike is a small, modest attempt from the team at &adventure to give back to the community while creating an active atmosphere for everyone involved, says &adventure’s leader Vese Huljić who spoke to Total Split about the upcoming event which will take place on February 24th at Mosor.

The idea of the Maestralan Hike is a humanitarian and educational action for the kids of the Maestral Children’s Home in Split. The team at &adventure has prepared a guided mountaineering trip to Mosor with workshops at the Ljuvač meadow (at the foot of the Umberto Girometta mountain hut) to give the kids of Maestral a chance to adventure in the mountains, play in nature, and learn new skills. By organizing this event, &adventure hopes the children of the home can be educated and find higher interests in the benefits of an active life outdoors.

“You know that we are all about activity and adventure – and we really don’t know any other way. That said, we decided to reach out to the Maestral home with the idea that we wanted to take the kids hiking on Mosor and organize fun games on the mountain with them. New ideas just kind of attached to that,” added Vese. 

The ultimate goal of the action is to raise funds to provide the children of the home with the sports equipment, clothing and footwear they may need. 

“We have started collecting donations from people and companies, and everybody is welcome to join the event. The donations given will be invested into sports equipment for the kids. Decathlon is one of our supporters so that we will arrange discounts for the required equipment with them. The other sponsor of the event is HPD MOSOR who will sponsor two kids from Maestral to attend their mountaineering course,” Vese continued. 

It would be a lie to say that we are not busy in the winter months, since, for some strange reason, we are at the office every day working very hard to make our story succeed. But we found the time and energy for something that we hope will become a tradition. The plan is to take kids out to play, get them to try something new, and maybe they will become future hikers, adventurers, and a new generation of Stipe Božić. The sky is the limit, and this might be an excellent start,” Vese concluded. 

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Everyone interested in joining the hike is more than welcome. Participants will meet at the parking lot in Sitno Gornje on Saturday, February 24, 2018, at 10:00. The group plans to return around 16:00. 

If you’re interested in donating, cash donations will be received at the account of the BBK Zemlja-Zrak Association.


HR9225030071100103296 at Sberbank d.d., with the indication “Za Maestralan hike”.

For more information and ways to get involved in the action, you can call 021/277344 or send an email to [email protected]

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