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These are some of the best restaurants in Zagreb where you can taste the traditional Zagreb food.

 During its long history, Zagreb has been a melting pot of cultures, each one of them leaving their mark on the culinary heritage of the city. The dusty pages of old cookbooks tell us a lot about how different cultures once occupying the area greatly contributed to what is today known as local Zagreb food. Many of the old recipes have been preserved to date, and these are just some of the best Zagreb restaurants that took on the role of preserving these recipes and the culinary tradition of Zagreb. The following list of best restaurants in Zagreb serving local dishes was compiled by news portal, on October 9, 2017.




 Photos: Okrugljak Facebook

Okrugljak restaurant is located in the heart of Zagreb neighbourhood of Šestine. For almost an entire century, this restaurant has been luring in visitors to climb up the green hills of Medvednica and enjoy the delicious traditional food. By looking at their menu, we get insight into what the old Zagreb folk used to eat back in the day. The Okrugljak staff knows very well that every true gourmet enjoys a glass of wine with their served dish, which is why the wine list features 400 (!) domestic and foreign wines. Many consider Okrugljak to be the “most Zagreb” restaurant. It features traditional interior design dominated by red colour and style typical of Šestine, while the nearby babbling brook adds to the ambiance.

Address: Mlinovi 28

Stari Puntijar

stari puntijar.jpg

stari puntijar 2.jpg

Photos: Stari Puntijar Facebook

While walking to Sljeme, we come across a 175-year-old Zagreb restaurant called Stari Puntijar. Located in Gračani, this old Zagreb restaurant has been owned and managed by five generations of the Puntijar family. The interior of this restaurant tells the story as old as he is. Old pictures and photos of Zagreb, hunting trophies, old candelabras, all witness the long history of Stari Puntijar. But the history and the interior are not the only great features of this restaurant that has been open for almost two centuries. The menu offering homemade and wild game specialities with a wine list featuring a hundred wines are the main reason why this restaurant is among the top restaurants in Croatia and Zagreb.

Another peculiarity of Stari Puntijar restaurant is a museum of old cookbooks that have been printed and used in this area. This museum is located in the old part of the restaurant and features a collection of 2000 original cookbooks, 1000 menus as well as 500 old tourist guides that take you on a journey through the history of traditional cuisine.

Address: Gračanska cesta 67

Stari Fijaker



Photos: Stari Fijaker website

If you wish to experience the old Zagreb spirit, check out the Stari Fijaker restaurant, located in the centre of Zagreb. The restaurant used to be called “Tri Lovca” (Three Hunters) when it changed its name to Stari Fijaker – the name of the first pub (pivnica) in Zagreb – on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the City of Zagreb. The renovation and management of Stari Fijaker were taken over by its current owners, who redesigned the place as it is today. The local specialities of Zagreb and Zagorje, which this restaurant is famous for, are prepared in a home-made style, confirmed by the label  ‘Croatian Indigenous Cuisine’ on the front of the restaurant, which was set up five years ago by the then Minister of Tourism.

Address: Mesnička 6

Kaptolska Klet 

 restoran kaptolska klet facebook.jpg


Photos: Kaptolska Klet website

Kaptolska Klet is one of the oldest restaurants in Zagreb with a 60-year-old tradition which has been preserved to this day, offering a wide variety of local dishes. The taste of Zagreb cuisine, coupled with a combination of tradition and a charming ambience, make Kaptosskal Klet one of the favourite restaurants among the people of Zagreb.

Address: Kaptol ul. 5

Bistro Vještica (The Witch of Grich)


bistro vjj.jpg

Photos: Bistro Vještica Facebook

There is still one witch (vještica) hiding on the Upper Town – the restaurant Bistro Vještica, which will take you on an adventure through the history of Zagreb by tasting old local dishes that were once served to Zagreb folk (‘purgers’) and noblemen. If you had enough of grill food and various kinds of Italian dishes, then Bistro Vještica is the perfect choice for you! The wide range of homemade dishes might bring out the indecisive part of you, but when you finally decide and taste your ordered dish, you will be delighted!

Address: Vranyczanyeva ul. 6



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