Zagreb Holding Heroes Help Fellow Citizen in Need in the Middle of the Night

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A woman from Zagreb found out who the city’s real heroes were in the middle of the night.

As with all superheroes, Zagreb-based heroes mostly show their skills in the middle of the night, reports on October 5, 2017.

First of all, you have funny heroes, aka Zagreb firefighters, who thrilled their Facebook fans by posting a photo with famous Croatian singer, Jelena Rozga, with a caption that says “That feeling when civilians stop us to take a photo with us”


But this time, it wasn’t them who helped a fellow citizen out, but Zagreb holding employees, who are available 24/7. Even though citizens often criticise the system, they proved that they are true heroes of this city last night.

Last night at 2 a.m. in Zagreb’s Knežija neighbourhood a bizarre situation happened to a reader. As Murphy’s Law would have it, the woman’s phone fell out from her back pocket into the sewer. 

“It’s one of those situations when you can’t believe your eyes. You’re looking at the sewer, thinking that it can’t be true, your phone must be in your bag. Then you realise how foolish you are and that by putting your phone into your pocket instead of the bag, your phone just ended up in a sewer,” she says.

She didn’t know who to call, and she didn’t have her phone anymore to do it anyway, and the nearby police officers were busy with a drunk driver.
“They didn’t need my clumsiness on top of everything, so I asked for their phone, I dialled 112, they referred me to the Drainage Department, and I explained my problem. I told them where I was and went back to the bus stop where my phone fell into the sewer,” she continues.

It took them an hour to get there, because, thanks to Murphy’s Law again, they were 10 minutes away, but they had no way of contacting her to find out where she was exactly because her phone was in the sewer.
“Everyone at the bus stop was looking at me with a worried look on their faces, wondering what was wrong with me. Two passers-by offered me their phones, so I called my boyfriend, brother and a friend to let them know what had happened and to ask for someone to come and stay with me so I have some sort of means of communication. I am also thankful to my fellow citizens who were helpful and stayed calm even though I seemed pretty crazy,” the woman says.

After she finally managed to call the Drainage Department, she explained where she was exactly and Stanko, Dražen and Željko, three very kind Zagreb holding employees got right to it. They weren’t that surprised because these types of situations happen often, and people’s phones and keys fall into the sewer all the time.

“Luckily, the phone was dry and it is still working. The guys were very kind and smiling. I was especially surprised because I thought they would laugh at me and tell me that these types of situations weren’t important and there was no need for an intervention. I mean, who would travel all that way just to help a clumsy person who managed to get her phone stuck in a sewer?

However, they are always at your service, as they said themselves, greeting me with a smile. Kind police officers, fellow citizens, my closest friends and a brilliant Drainage crew marked this night and my phone and I would like to thank them very much,” the anonymous citizen said.

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We read about rude tram drivers and ticket inspectors all the time, and I’m sure that there are many, but I like to believe that there are more people like Dražen, Stanko and Željko, friendly and humble people, doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, no matter how insignificant you think your request sounds.

Well done, guys!


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