Adventure of a Lifetime for Croatian Journalist Ribafish Connecting Islands

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A well-known Croatian blogger (one of the early adopters of blogging in Croatia!), journalist and influencer Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish has decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime this summer. The project is called RokOtok, and the idea is that Ribafish will swim and go from one inhabited Croatian island to another, bringing them all together during July and August of this year. He will do it to commemorate his late son, who passed away tragically last year (he was called Rok, so the name of the project is the combination of his name and the Croatian word for island), as he explains to 24 sata.

Domagoj explains that his son’s death was the worst thing that happened in his life, and that it’s probably the worst thing that can ever happen to a parent. As he was going through their photos taken when they were together, he decided to continue where the two of them had left off: together, they travelled through most of Croatia, several neighboring countries and eight islands. The idea to swim between the 50 inhabited islands came to him, attracting at least for a brief time the attention of the children on them, to get them away from the screens. His wish is for the project to become an idea that will make children appreciate and enjoy nature more than they do now, when the parents work so much and kids are often left to spend time on their own in front of screens. He admits that maybe nothing will happen, but that maybe someone will jump in with him, start swimming along and then maybe they’ll have a chance to talk a bit, and something wonderful might happen.

He remembers that Rok’s favourite beach was Proizd near Vela Luka on Korčula, where they visited each year, because of the clear sea, a lot of fish, wonderful waves and pure joy of being on a picnic and having exclusively junk food! Although, Domagoj adds that every beach is wonderful when you’re by the seaside with the people you love.

He plans to start on July 1st on Lopud, and finish his adventure by September 1st on Cres. He doesn’t know how many kilometers a day he’ll be able to swim, his plan is to keep it below 10 km a day, but that depends on the conditions out on sea, such as the temperature, the waves, the currents…

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